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Hello Neighbor APK download for Android

Hello Neighbor is a funny cartoon game. Joining the game, you will be taken to a small town where you have to find a way to escape from the pursuit of a vicious neighbour. Hello Neighbor is the horror game that made players “startled” in a different way, which was launched on the Xbox One platform and PC in last year. Recently, TinyBuild has officially announced the launch of the mobile version on both iOS and Android. In Hello Neighbor, you will not be startled or scared by monster scarecrows because there is no such horror in the game. The atmosphere of the game is still very bright, allowing you to explore yourself in the peaceful world instead of the fear.

The Plot

You may feel that this is a fun and friendly game for children. However, you are wrong. Hello Neighbor has tricked people into playing it. With an extremely high logic and horror plot, this is truly a horror game that brings fear to anyone who has experienced it. The game is played in the first view. Hello Neighbor brings players into a small town, in which you will play a curious boy and try to break into the mysterious neighbour’s house. From which, he will discover the scary secret in the house. In contrast to the previous game named Neighbor from Hell, this game focuses on horror and puzzle solving when players just have to solve puzzles while trying to escape and avoid the hunt of cruel neighbour.

The Gameplay

The main gameplay is still a puzzle. Although it has a horror element, the chase phase will not make you scared if you have got used to the game. The main task of the character is still finding the keys to open the door. In addition, the players have to find the fool of this neighbour to have time for find the key or avoid the trap or camera, which has been set by the neighbour.

The game tasks are highly logical. The items in the house have a specific role, which you can use to complete puzzles. Surely, most of the things are not easy. You need to link these things to things happening in the home. For example, if you want to get the key by the pool, you have to drain all the water in the lake. You have to find the water in the lake. You have to find the valve to release the water…

A very different horror game on mobile

The “monsters” of the game, instead of the zombies, are a normal cartoon character with the same appearance that you often see on cartoon movies. What would you do in the game? Your task is simple. You have to break into the house of the neighbour, find his secret tunnel. In the game, you will have to solve a few puzzles. In addition, you have to cleverly avoid the difficult homeowner. The process of quizzing and escaping the villain will create the atmosphere of the game. But it can be classified into a horror game thanks to its excellent mechanism.

Do you remember Outlast? If you see a monster, you have one option: Run and hide, hope, pray that the monsters will not find you out. With Hello Neighbor, everything is exactly the same. Opening a wrong door, the neighbours will get you. In this case, you have to run.

Graphics – sound – difficulty level

The graphics and sound of the game are the interesting points because Hello Neighbor is introduced as a horror game. In addition, the graphics in the game is something worthy to be paid attention. Hello Neighbor has a fantastic animated graphics. Most of the gameplay is bright, close. The game is very familiar, gentle sound that players do not feel too tense. But what really made this game’s horror is the intelligence of the AI. The game was developed by Dynamic Pixels developers. The AI in Hello Neighbor is really different from the other genres. They are smarter and learnable. This makes the experience of this game just like playing with a real gamer.

The guy in the game is extremely intelligent, who can learn what the player has done in the last challenge. In addition, he can remember it and try to prevent similar things happen. For example, you can cheat a neighbour by hiding in somewhere. The first time can be successful, but with the new AI mechanism, this neighbour will easily catch you in the next time. The physical mechanism in the game is quite fun. I feel it is somewhat similar to other sandbox games that allow you to easily interact with items in the house. For example, in a game, if you want to get a key card that has been frozen, you have to fuse it; if a shovel has been burned too hot, you cannot hold it.


If you are a gamer who is passionate about quiz games and love thrills, Hello Neighbor APK is an interesting game that you should never ignore. Although the plot is a bit complicated, the quizzes are the key of leisure after work.


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