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Hello Hero: Epic Battle – The hottest 3D RPG on Facebook recently opened up for players to sign up and experience early. In particular, this event is dedicated to South East Asian gamers. You can download Hello Hero: Epic Battle now and take part in exciting challenges in the game.

Hello Hero: Epic Battle APK download for Android

Hello Hero: Epic Battle is known as the next version of Hello Hero – a popular game on the Facebook with more than 20 million downloads. This is the next product under the Korean developer Fincom – the designer of the popular names on the mobile platform and web as Hello Hero or Angle Stone. After the success of Hello Hero, Fincom is now ready to launch the sequel to the Hello Hero: Epic Battle in 2018.

Hello Hero: Epic Battle is the story follows 15 years later than the original. The game will bring gamers hundreds of heroes to collect and train. Instead of focusing mainly on developing the powerful heroes, all characters have the same care and equality. Furthermore, the beloved characters in the original version will also be featured with the new heroes with various interesting stories.

The main difference in this sequel is the portrait mode instead of the landscape mode as it was in the original version. In addition, players can freely customize their characters by using costumes that include hats, glasses, wings, etc. so each team’s combat style will be more colors with any duplication. In addition, with each different environments on the map, players can choose to combine matched combat teams. The cool-down system will also be applied. The stronger the warriors are, the shorter cooldown time will be.

As mentioned previously, in addition to developing game content, Fincom focuses on producing smart toys based on Hello Hero and also the Hello Hero: Epic Battle, a similar system. Nitendo’s amiibo or figurines from Disney Infinity. Fincom even co-operated with Spiral Cat Team to test these smart toys in the last year’s gaming conference.

The Game Features:

  • The game is the next version of the role-playing game on Mobile.
  • Create and manage your own hero team
  • Over 100 different heroes for unlocking.
  • Upgrade your Heroes, unlock new equipment
  • The game is released on multiple platforms and supports a variety of languages.
  • Connect via Facebook and play with your friends

Hello Hero: Epic Battle is expected to be released on various platforms including Android and iOS. The game also supports more than 13 different languages. With the great success of the previous version, Hello Hero: Epic Battle promises to bring a great experience to the fans of this title.


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