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Reference to the GMO farming game, you’ll probably think of Hay Day – a top farm management game on the mobile game community. Especially the title of this game is made by Supercell, a famous game studio from Finland (the creator of the famous strategy game Clash of Clan).

Hay Day, which is the most popular farming game, is a perfect choice for those who love rural life and want to experience farmer’s work. In Hay Day (Mod APK) for Android, you will play as a real farmer, then harvest crops, raising cute animals, selling nutritious and fresh products and hunting rare items… Hay Day is developed by SuperCell and similar to some farm games like FarmVille. However, it’s more animated with great graphics and simple, addictive gameplay. At apkgalaxy.co, you can find the mod version of this game, of course, it’s free, download Hay Day mod apk latest version and enjoy this exciting game right now. Have fun!

Download Hay Day 1_41_17 Mod APK (Unlimited Everything) for Android

The story of Hay Day (Mod money) is very simple; you have a family member left to inherit a ruined farm. And the task of the player will have to bring the farm back to its former glory. By cultivating cattle and poultry, cultivating cereals for sale for re-production, building and expanding it to be more spacious. You can sell products to the market, visitors coming from the town or ordering players to transport them to products that the farm has. For example, the kind of creatures that need to be fed and the paddock should be painted. Visitors from the city or farm will visit, offer tasks or money for items, such as eggs or bread. Upgrade your inventory to accommodate more items, deal with other players, expand the scale of the farm, and grow everything.

When you start the Hay day mod game, there will be a cute scarecrow who will show you how to play. Firstly, you need to buy land for cultivation by tapping the shop’s menu, select the area and drag it into the position you want. Next, you choose the seeds you want to plant. You can select two primary crops which are wheat and maize. Each type has a certain growth period. Later on in the game, more seeds will appear with more extended growth period. For example, wheat takes just 2 minutes to harvest while pumpkins will take 3 hours.

After harvesting, you will receive coins and experience scores to progress. The higher your level is, the more objects and features will appear. You can also purchase more lands to increase the productivity of crops. You can receive stars by cutting trees to enlarge the farm, baking bread and selling items. The currency in Hay Day mod APK includes coins and diamonds. You can earn coins from most jobs such as farming, baking, sewing and so on. But you only can earn diamonds when you rise through the levels and achieve rare items. There is one thing you should keep in mind that is not using diamonds too early because there will be many items requiring you to buy by diamonds.

Tips: Visit hay day forum by SuperCell to keep track of the latest information of the game, trade items with other players, learn more experience…

If you love playing the farm games on your Android phone. We suggest you a great game named: Farming Simulator 18

Hay Day gameplay video:

Hay Day Mod features (latest version):

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlock all contents
  • free shopping
  • No root

The attraction of Hay Day:

  • Make delicious food and drinks from ingredients in your farm.
  • Buy and sell fresh products from your farm.
  • Trade your products with other players.
  • Chat in your neighbourhoods.
  • Support each other’s farms through user-friendly menus.
  • Hunt rare items on sale.
  • Raise cute pets.
  • Catch dozens of different fish just by a single swipe.

Like most of the farm games, players have to wait for a while before your farm product is ready to be collected and sold. The time is fast or slow depending on the type of product you plan to grow. For example, it may take just a few minutes for the wheat to grow and ripen. But for milk, it will be almost half an hour. You can speed up the process by using the diamonds. These diamonds can be bought in cash either through Apple’s payment system or earned when levelling up or completing achievements and quests in the game.

The strong points of Hay day (Mod diamonds) are the graphics and compatibility of the game with smartphones (Android and iOS). Graphics in the game are easy to see, vivid images. Playing Hayday, you will feel like watching a 3D animated cartoon produced by Walt Disney rather than playing a game for smartphones. To make you feel like real life, the development team has brought weather into the game. Weather is divided according to real life. For example, in winter, on your farm will appear snowflakes, trees covered with white colour. The visitors to the farm will wear warm clothes. Summer is the opposite.

The operations in the game are simple, touch one cell, then move your finger across the field to harvest crops. You have to use the same actions to harvest products from your pet, such as milk and feathers. Also, players can also visit their friends’ farms via Facebook.

Another difference between Hay Day for Android with other farm games is the inter-playing between the players. Real players can post ads in magazines for the purpose of selling their products to other players, which allows them to connect players and their stores, and help to make transactions among different players. Also, the game brings a few virtual characters will randomly appear on your farm and ask for items. You can sell or not sell them.

Small tips for you: You can sell Items that you have a lot of and are filling your repository, but do not sell other items because you can sell them at a higher price in the magazine.

Hay Day Mod Unlimited everything for Android (No root)

Note: Hay Day is free to play, but some items in the game can also be purchased with real money. If you do not want to use this feature, set a password for shopping in the settings section of your Google Play Store app. You can use Hay Day mod APK file that we provide to solve this problem.
Also, under the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to download and play Hay Day.

What’s new in 1.36.212 version:

  • Keep an eye out for special Bingo-themed derbies. The first one will hit very soon!
  • Watch your event board for some exciting new and improved events
  • Community Requested Features:
  • New peonies and sunflower crops
  • New Flower shop production machine
  • New products (8)
  • Town and Shop UI improvements
  • New achievements
  • New XP booster
  • A new leader and co-leader messaging options for neighbourhoods
Coming soon:
  • Stay tuned for our Halloween celebrations.”

What’s new in 1.35.116 version:

  • Fix the bug and add new contents



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