DEAD TARGET: Offline Zombie Shooting Games

Having new emotion with Dead Target: Zombie

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Having new emotion with Dead Target: Zombie

Find the way to escape from hell on earth, overcome dead land, save your brother and clear the way for reinforcements or you will be reunited with brothers under the golden stream in the game Dead Target: Zombie.

Dead Target: Zombie – the title of the immersive shooter VNG Game Studios in some countries. Join in the adventure full of obstacles in the unequal battle to escape the land of death in the game Dead Target: Zombie socks great graphics to bring you life-like experiences.

DEAD TARGET: Offline Zombie Shooting Games

The game was built on the context of 2040, World War III will takes place, the borders of nations changed, promoting the modern war industry to enter a new era after the Minister of Defense signed with the CS company implementing the project Death goal: transforming prisoners into superior killers. However, the communist blatantly betrayed the treaty and threatened to activate the dead body if the President did not listen to them. And the age of destruction begins.

The risk of human destruction is approaching when the CS has completely infected a city to prove its words. A special commando group was hired to battle the field to gather information before the army launched a counterattack – the operation of Apocalypse (all destruction).

DEAD TARGET: Offline Zombie Shooting Games

When it ends, only you and agent M survived to prove everything is going the wrong way. You must find the way to escape from hell, cross the land of death, save M and clear the way for reinforcements or you will be reunited with brothers under the golden stream. Be careful with the encircling, wandering corpses are hungry for heroic blood.

Main feautures of Dead Target: Zombie:

– Dead Target: Zombie is an FPS game

+ Beautiful 3D graphics with amazing detail

+ Music and realistic sound effects

+ Massacre of all living bodies chasing you

+ Become an assassin to kill a living body with a stylish weapon system

+ Upgrade weapons to deal with the flood of living corpses that are coming

+ Experience the feeling of killing 3D corpses

+ Complete all achievements and missions to compete with friends

+ Countless ways to kill living corpses: aiming at the head, chopping limbs and crushing them like small worms with your grenade

– Great effect

+ 3D graphics with realistic light showing the infection of the living body

+ Ragdoll effect gives you a more spectacular feeling than ever

+ Each gun has different sound effects similar to the real-life version

+ A variety of environmental sounds to create an immersive feeling

– Zombie

+ The zombies have many different shapes and abilities

+ Big boss like a frantic destroyer chasing you

+ Some living corpses can be extremely dangerous with the ability to spread epidemics in a wide range

+ Sometimes shooting in the head is not the best way, think like a sniper before deciding to attack

– Weapons and utilities

+ Many specific weapons (rifles, shotguns, machine guns, grenade launchers)

+ Unlock powerful guns and become a true corpse killer

+ Discover a modern weapon system with a series of formidable weapons

+ Easily get different weapons without extreme hard plowing

+ Choosing the right auxiliary will help you become a destroyer on the battlefield like a real shooter.

– Tasks and achievements

+ Complete quests to rank and unlock new items

+ Kill as many corpses as possible. All achievements will be recorded

– Achievement Board

+ Compare your progress with your friends, pass them all to the top

+ Connect with Google+ and Facebook to share what you did

+ Top of the list of friends and other players worldwide

– More than 1000 battles in different areas

+ Prevent the corpses from escaping and run into safe areas

+ Remove dead bodies living in a research and treatment hospital

+ Stop the live corpses from entering the subway network to spread out across cities and villages

+ Protect a broken line room

+ Investigate a prison, which is called earthly hell, no plants can grow.

DEAD TARGET: Offline Zombie Shooting Games

Perhaps the most interesting point of the game is the unpredictability. You don’t know what will happen next. There is no warning sign on the Zombie screen approaching. Zombies also constantly change without being boring for players: they can be weak zombies wearing white blue shirts (to shoot them also requires 150 bullets, so save) or crazy hungry Zombie dogs thirsty always live up to you. Even when you blow away their legs or arms, you can still be eaten alive. Be careful that zombies lose their legs still crawling on the floor and moving towards you while you are noticing other animals.




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