Sniper Fury: Top shooting game - FPS gun games

Having breathtaking shooting moments with Sniper Fury

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Having breathtaking shooting moments with Sniper Fury

A new super shooter is launched on the market by Gameloft, promising to deliver top-of-the-range shooting games called Sniper Fury for free for computers. Developed in the first-person shooter series FTS, you will be transformed into a sniper who takes part in dangerous missions, requires skilled shooting experience to complete the job in the title Sniper Fury game.

Owning a smooth graphics, Sniper Fury free shooter will make players more enjoy the top shooting matches. Under the meticulous care of the giant Gameloft, from content to images are invested quite high, promising to bring players the most exciting shooting moments. Taking the topic of terrorism as the main content, you alone will take responsibility for destroying the terrorist troops, purging the leaders with the weapons system in hand. Standing in the ranks of the first-person shooter genre, precise shooting skills are required quite high to perform every task you undertake.

Sniper Fury: Top shooting game - FPS gun games

Compared to shooting games from many other game companies, it seems that games from Gameloft stand out more like Modern Combat 5: Blackout, Gangstar Vegas,… in terms of smooth and addictive image system. Sniper Fury not only catches attention when it comes to owning simple game content but still makes a mark, but also because of the state-of-the-art weapon system you don’t have the chance to try yourself. The whole battle will be owned by the player alone, infiltrating the enemy’s headquarters and responsible for performing all tasks with a high level of danger. Every action, every shot of us needs to be meticulously calculated, taking every opportunity to destroy the target quickly and complete the mission.

Stretching over 130 missions was once the pursuit of the terrorists or breaking the enemy’s military headquarters. The level of the requirement will increase with each level, increasing the difficulty for us. Maybe with a few early levels, the opponent of players will only be one small army, then to the next game screen, a terrorist army equipped with advanced weapons will become our tough targets. In addition, there will be missions to rescue hostages in the chaotic crowd. Each gunman will have to aim at the target with a rather difficult situation, the object moves while the people around are in a messy scene. A lot of challenging quests for us to fulfill.

Sniper Fury: Top shooting game - FPS gun games

Your guns are all equipped with a dedicated viewfinder system, which makes it possible to aim and shoot enemies. A point also creates a great difficulty for each person that is in some stages, the countdown timer will appear to calculate the duration of the task. Need to manipulate quickly, aim accurately to save time. The side slider is responsible for enlarging or reducing the target, depending on your adjustment to facilitate the shot. After completing the task, the game will be based on the action results to calculate the bonus and XP experience will also increase a fair amount. The work of upgrading weapons, armed with more powerful modern guns will help each gunman safely undergo all tasks. A gun has different attack and firing speed, depending on the amount of money we earn to choose to buy more guns.

Graphics in the game are appreciated by many experts and also received many positive comments from the game players. The locations of each shooting were also changed constantly in the game, creating a unique landscape that attracted every gunman to express himself in each battle. Spectacular 3D sniper graphics make the game the best and most fun shooting FPS game. This is not a normal gun game. You will use 3D sniper shooting skills against gunmen, vehicles and other things. The “flying bullet” effect shoots every other FPS shooter away. See beautiful sniper shots from top games. The weather effect is not like any shooting game on the market.

Sniper Fury: Top shooting game - FPS gun games

Basic features of Sniper Fury:

– The most impressive sniper shooting game

– Firepower modern and future FPS

– PvP battlefield

– Easy to play hard

– Shoot up the best FPS

– Combined forces

– War of the faction

– Equipment set

– Sample weapons

– Improved bullet vests

– Standings rankings

Becoming the only hero in the war with powerful attacks to defeat the forces of terrorists, each game will have the opportunity to show all the accumulated experiences in many products of the same type to perform all assigned missions. Live with breathtaking shooting moments with Sniper Fury for computers.


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