Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

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VR game is becoming a trend of playing mobile gaming, with modern technology and unique gameplay that offers a great gaming experience. But not all developers have the potential financial and technological power to produce this type of game. Because there are quite a few VR games produced and released to the public, but with Niantic, everything will be different.

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If you have ever known Pokemon Go created in late 2016, you will know Niantic. More than a year after the release of Pokemon Go, Niantic has officially developed and announced a new virtual reality game called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. With this mobile game, players will have the opportunity to become real wizards as in the movie Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is the main character of the seven-part series by JK Rowling, known worldwide for millions of trading copies. Harry Potter’s popularity is undisputed, so the game based on the character and plot of Harry Potter, and combining VR technology, will definitely be successful.

Become a witch in the real life

With Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Harry Potter fans will realize the dream of being a part of the magical world, going everywhere and fighting with the magic of others. It is an extremely engaging activity when engaged in the hunt for mysterious creatures scattered throughout the world. Specifically, the game will take players into a world that they dream of, experience the magical world of JK Rowling where the witch came to life through the technology Enhance Virtual Reality (AR).

Perfect VR Gameplay

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is similar to Pokemon Go and Ingest. The game will also allow users to accumulate points, collect items, and protect their key locations. Therefore, the game will use the most of Niantic’s original AR platform, which promises it to be a pioneer of the gaming technologies and mechanisms. Accordingly, in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, players are not only hunting mysterious creatures but also can learn and perform spells, team up with other people to defeat the enemy, explore the mystery Hide and become a real witch.

Abundant new explorations

As a VR game that interacts directly with the user on their device, the players have to move to find places with quests, or shelters of creatures. Niantic also incorporates a variety of activities into the game, so players are bored when moving to different locations.


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite promises to be one of the best VR games on mobile this year. In addition to unique gameplay using VR technology, a lot of content and activities will be constantly updated. Harry Potter characters will undoubtedly make the gaming community exciting like Pokemon Go did.

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