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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery 1.15.1 APK MOD

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Review with dagilp_lbh

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod APK- time to exploring Hogwarts Academy! Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an adventure game based on the famous Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. In the game, you will be playing the Harry Potter with his friends to travel to the magic world and explore the myriad mystery story about the Hogwarts training school.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery 1.15.1 Mod APK for Android

The story of the game is similar to the original story that you have just been admitted to the Academy of magic and magic Hogwarts. Many years ago, Harry Potter received a paper from Hogwarts. A new life is opened with many interesting things as well as secrets waiting for the character to discover there. Let’s start your own adventure in the wizarding world of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery right now and become a great witch! In the game, you will discover unprecedented locations of Hogwarts Castle, uncovering the curtain of ancient mysteries. You will also learn useful spells and knowledge from Dumbledore, Snape and more. Fighting with opponents and creating alliances with new friends to make the adventure more engaging. You have to practice your skills as a witch. Will you be a heroic Gryffindor, skilful Slytherin or anybody else? Making your own decision!

Select your character and explore the magical world

Players will be enrolled in classes to learn and master magic skills such as magic manipulation and medicine formulation. Besides the main character is Harry Poster, the game allows players to unlock new characters, spells and locations as you progress through the school year at Hogwarts. You can create your own unique character by allowing the player to customize the dress, facial features such as hair color, nose, skins color.

Adventure and mystery exploration

You can use your special skills to investigate the mysteries of Hogwarts and discover the truth behind the Cursed Vaults and the disappearance of your brother in a whole new story. Your adventures will be even better when your friends and you are together. You can connect with your team members to win the House Cup, perform missions to help your friends and defeat your opponents together. Getting the respect of friends and build relationships by traveling together. The world of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery contains a lot of interesting things that you can explore with friends.

Control mechanism:

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery brings a completely simple control mechanism. The main action of the player is to touch the screen to skip the dialogue, to touch the items appear on the screen to receive the information. And in the conversation, there will be different options, so you have to consider the most appropriate options, which will directly affect the game’s progress as well as the relationship in the game. Another thing you need to know that right at the beginning of the game, you will be selecting the house you want to be a member of, consider about it because each option will lead your story in a whole new direction.


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has stunning 3D graphics and beautifully designed. You will feel the fears of exploring in mysterious rooms or exploring about the secret in the castle.


Game Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is freely downloading and playing. However, you can buy some items in the game with real money. If you do not want to use this feature, you can turn it off in the settings section of the device.


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