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The gaming community has been attracted to a comedy superhero game named Getting Over It. The keyword “Get Over It” is also the most searched on Google with more than 1,000,000 searches in just 24 hours. This game was dubbed the “the funniest game in 2017” that created the most comedy challenge, caused the player to suppress the desire to beat the computer but also to laugh so much.

HammerMan: Getting Over It Mod APK for Android

However, Getting Over It is officially released on Steam, iOS and Android users have to suffer. Now, Android fans have an alternative to HammerMan: Getting Over It. This game is similar to Getting Over It, similar graphics, challenges as the original game, so promising to bring players the same experience.

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In HammerMan: Getting Over It for Android, you will play a guy trapped in a jar and only half of the body out. He would have to use a long-wheeled sledgehammer to cross massive boulders with countless objects to complete the challenge. In order to move, the character must constantly swing the hammer to hook the rock or object to climb. Instead of using the mouse to control a computer, the player controls the character by touching the screen.

Cliffs, objects are not in order to create a big challenge for players to conquer. However, the most mysterious point of the game is that all your efforts can be lost at any time no matter how high you climb. You will roll to the ground if you are careless. There will be times when the player must be on a cliff or a piece of artefacts that cannot escape without clever tactics. According to many people, Getting Over This HAMMERMAN causes the same inhibitions as the Flappy Bird game. Because of this gameplay, so many people just want to break the computer when their efforts become nothing in a second. So, when playing the game, remember to restrain a little.

Key Features of Getting Over It: HAMMERMAN:

  • Climbing when locked in a jar with only a hammer.
  • Any effort can be lost in a second.
  • Restraining when players do not know how to overcome the challenge.
  • The mysterious reward awaits the successful climbers.

Do not hesitate! Download Getting Over It: HAMMERMAN and challenge your own patience now!


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