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Gymnastics Superstar for Android for players to do “make-up witch” for a female gymnast athlete, help her become pretty, confident and shining on the world competition, download Gymnastics Superstar Mod unlimited money, unlock full content for free at

Gymnastics Superstar Mod Latest for Android

All your efforts have finally recognized. You were selected for the Olympics. Now you have been honoured to represent the country at the World Olympic Games. Work out great fitness steps until you are ready to perform them at the competition. Bend, flip, jump by your way to win the brilliant gold medal. Your goal is getting the highest award in this world class competition. Remember that “Practice makes perfect”.

The dream came true. You have finally reached the Olympics and competed with the world’s leading fitness experts to win gold medals for your country. You will be a well-known coach, who helped the Olympians to the top of the game. Complete your gymnastics techniques and become an Olympic champion. So, be prepared for high levels of practice, dedication, and even personal training to achieve your goals.

Highlights of Gymnastics Superstar for Android

  • Perform your great physical skills at the Olympics, competing for the glory of the home.
  • Willingness to participate in the largest fitness competition of the year with the best Olympic coach
  • Dress up with a sparkling outfit, catch your eye, help you standing out in the competition
  • Create and grow with your own fitness routine
  • If you want to become a gymnast star, you need to be very beautiful, have a brilliant makeover, trim your nails nicely and create a new hairstyle.
  • Stepping out of the chair and towards the practice room, you must have a nice body before entering the competition
  • Take cover photo for Golden Gymnast magazine
  • Reach to the position of world fitness specialist
  • Impress the judges with excellent fitness skills, including jumping over the crossbar, backing, jumping three times in a row…
  • Injury, do not worry about it, your doctor will treat you promptly at the big competition
  • Before the big day, relax at the spa, you deserve it after hard working days

Important note for the users:

Download and play Gymnastics Superstar Mod APK for Android was totally free, but the game still contains real money purchase packages. You guys can disable them in the device settings.

In general, Gymnastics Superstar Mod APK is a pretty unique girl makeup game. It is not only beautiful for the character but also dedicated in training activities before competing in the Olympics. It is very real and exciting. Downloads Gymnastics Superstar for Android for free so do not hesitate to play if you are a fashionista.


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