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If your childhood is associated with 8-Bit Contra style games, then maybe next time you should not miss Gunstar Heroes – the classic action shooter game of the publisher Sega.

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In fact, Gunstar Heroes is not the new name. It was developed by Treasure and was first released in 1993 by Sega on the Sega Genesis platform and shortly thereafter the Game Gear platform by the M2 publisher. Over the past 20 years, this game has been released on many platforms with different publishers. And now, this action shooter game will officially be on the mobile phone by Sega again. To tell you more about this game, if you have ever heard about the four-button Contra game, you will not find it so strange. It is still a shoot ’em-up game with a run-and-gun style in a horizontal screen, Gunstar Heroes promises to give players the moments of entertainment that evoke an amazing childhood.

Choose your favorite character.

Gunstar Heroes brings you two players, Red and Blue, who have two different gameplay modes. In addition to fighting characteristics, players can easily identify Red and Blue through their costume. Red is a free-spirited character, who is able to move freely while shooting. Players can control him just shot and jump in the air. Meanwhile, Blue is a character with a different fighting style. He cannot just run or jump to shoot. This is the limit but Blue has a larger HP and high damage tolerance. 2 characters are equipped with the same weapons and depending on your personal preferences, you can choose the most suitable character. Here, it is an introduction to the types of weapons in the game:

Diverse weapon system

Like Contra, Gunstar Heroes offers a variety of weapon systems that are suited to different fighting styles. Currently, there are four basic weapons for players to choose from. Lightning – shoots laser beams straight through the enemy, Chaser – burns the stars in enemies house. Finally, Flame – shoots close range with massive damage. These weapons will also appear throughout the game and you can own two weapons at the same time. By combining these two weapons, you will get a whole new weapon. For example, when combining Lightning and Flame, you will get a close-range shotgun that can destroy all obstacles and enemies in front. There are 14 types of weapons in the game, so you can freely combine to create weapons of unrivaled strength for yourself.

More than fighting with weapons!

In addition to using weapons, you can also use martial arts to knock down enemies. Just like in Contra, players can use skills such as sliding, jumping, acrobatics and throwing enemies to overcome the obstacles. However, unlike other games of the same genre, players are not given more lives in each level of the game. Players have only one life, so you have to be very careful.

Classic graphics

Gunstar Heroes is built on a familiar 2D and classic graphics platform. You can easily see that its graphics have similarities to the gameplay in 2000. It is not so prominent, the movement and fighting of the character are not too detailed. However, gameplay with fast-paced and high difficulty makes Gunstar Heroes become much more attractive.


Gunstar Heroes recalls your classic game titles, without the sleek 3D graphics or plot, but it has the strengths that many other games do not have, such as simple control system, attractive shootẻ gameplay, diverse weapon system… Gunplay Heroes is released by Sega for free on both Android and iOS platforms. You can download Gunstar Heroes Mod APK now and become a warrior.

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