Guns Of Boom - Online Pvp Action 2

Guns of Boom – Online PvP Action

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Guns of Boom – An interesting online shooting game

Guns Of Boom - Online Pvp Action 2

Guns of Boom is a crowded fighting FPS game with beautiful 3D graphics and attractive gameplay. This game has a simple control mechanism for anyone who can experience but contains many skill levels high enough to challenge even the most veteran, experienced battlefield gunmen.

Guns Of Boom - Online Pvp Action 2

Participate in online PvP battles on a variety of maps, using your own unique, unethical tactics to win. Playing Gun of Boom shooting game, players will experience intense FPS combat in fast-paced confrontations, averaging 5 minutes per game.

Warrior! You are an important factor in this action battle! Can you hold on to the aim of aiming the muzzle at the enemy even though the artillery is roaring around? Can you control the battle and win? Come to the cool shooting game for mobile Guns of Boom.

Guns Of Boom - Online Pvp Action 2

Entering this playground, gamers are easily disoriented because there is no indication or anyone telling you what to do and where to shoot. You have to decide and choose your own battles. Coordinate with other soldiers and take advantage to kill opponents, dominate the battlefield.

Players can perform a quick attack, fire all directions or try to shoot an opponent from a safe distance, taking the time to aim directly at the opponent’s head with headshots. Everything you decide for yourself. Go to the arsenal, equip and get ready for an explosive battle.

Guns of Boom is a hardcode multi-player shooter with 3D graphics and bloody gameplay. How to play the game is so simple that your cat can learn how to control. However, the skill classes are high enough to make the FPS warriors become strong and strong to smash the enemy.

Get ready to take part in online PvP battles on multiple maps, use various deadly guns like grenades, medical kits and experience extreme stress in the competition with guns on mobile.

Features of the game Guns of Boom:

– The game has a simple and intuitive control system: Learn to control the game quickly and then climb up the rankings.

– Vivid game graphics and support for old devices: Stunning images make you not want to take your eyes off the screen. Even so, this game only requires mid-range hardware.

– Participate in PvP battles: Enjoy fun and excitement when fighting in groups on multiple maps and different game modes.

– Character customization: Create a unique hero using different costumes and skills. Help your warriors have the most perfect appearance, suitable for gameplay thanks to the collection of up to hundreds of diverse skins.

– Regularly updating and organizing events: The game is supplemented with continuous content, adding new features and colorful themed events. You always enjoy new things and never get bored.

– Game mode for professional gamers: Join eSports events to play, team up with globally famous players.

Note: Google ARcore is included in the game, you can collect and process your data. All actions are subject to the Game Insight Privacy Policy.

The game supports languages ​​including English, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, French, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, German.


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