Gundam Battle: Gunpha Warfare – Game that cannot be missed for Gundam fans

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Gundam Battle: Gunpha Warfare – Game that cannot be missed for Gundam fans

Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare was officially launched on July 31, 2019 by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment on IOS and Android platforms. This is a mobile game produced by Bandai Namco to bring the best science fiction action to you! Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare is a 3D action fighting game based on the famous science fiction comic.

In the game, you can build a Gundam in the form you like (Gunpla) and participate in many battles with many others in a tournament called Gunpla Battle.Game player will have to roll in 25 Gundam set to collect puzzle pieces to match Gundam, each part has different characteristics and can be upgraded the way you want. Super impressive creative options, with sections from more than 25 Gundam anime series to tinker. Of course, you will need to complete the job and complete the mission if you want to build your dream Gunpla.


Once you are satisfied with your weapons of mass destruction, it’s time to put them into battle against the creation of other Gunpla builders, with your ultimate goal of winning the Gunpla Battle. . Weapons-based combat is promised to be intuitive to new players, though surprisingly deep with an innovative combination system that allows you to combine long-range attacks with melee to take effect. devastating results

The fighting mechanism is simple because you will move your Gundam by holding and dragging your finger on the screen. There are also simple controls in which you can choose Automatic battle or automatically move towards the enemy. There are three types of attacks: Melee, Ranged and EX Skill. You must get close to the enemy to be able to attack them with weapons and defeat the enemy.


Features included in the game:

Bring the custom Gunpla to a higher level:

+ Collect, mix and match sections from more than 25 Gundam anime to create your ultimate Gunpla

+ Collect resources to upgrade parts by completing tasks

Personalize your Gunpla with a unique paint job

+ Become the ultimate gunpla master

+ Simple and intuitive weapon-based combat

+ Create unique mecha combos with Melee and Long-Range attacks

Experience the original anime series of Gundam Anime:

+ Win tournaments and save the High School Gunpla club from being closed!

+ With EXCLUSIVE original characters and Gunpla models suitable for mobile devices

+ Create a squad to fight enemies in a variety of missions!

+ Increases power with EX skills from Anime


Surely the Gundam fans will not be able to miss this game because the quality and gameplay of the game is very attractive. With a compact size and compatible with most current models, you will feel the most intense and action-packed battles from Bandai Namco’s game.

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