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Greenify is one of the best apps to use, reliable, and efficient ways to speed up your Android device, and there are always a lot of approaches to accomplish that. As the capability to freeze programs without killing it, this app is easy to use and its automation is great for beginners users.

Download Greenify  APK latest version for Android

Greenify will be the best solution for the frustrating and notable issues within your Android phone.
Whether it’s the battery that drains out easily or it is the programs that use storage and much room and makes the absence of the Android device in performance. It’s all of the distinctive methods and good features will make your phone stops from lagging in performance.

Features of Greenify APK for Android:

Top features of this software are the following:

  • This application set all of the applications to sleep but no need kills them.
  • Everything prevents from making problems into your phone.
  • All of your applications and fitting issues are trained in this method by this application so that they do not get the easy performance of your phone.
  • It manager and freeze all applications from eating up storage and space.
  • Your individual information stays safe.
  • It handles all of the applications employed in history.
  • That you don’t have to freeze or eliminate your applications and prevent them rather you should use them as you have included them in the list of the misbehaving application.
  • All functions of the application are suitable for latest versions of android.
  • That you don’t need to cope with difficulties and any risks.
  • Limiting of application and unnecessary murders also need a lot of battery consumption.
  • This application does not kill applications rather they tame in ways to act.
  • You should use this app without root your phone.
  • You are able to doze off all applications that enter the easy performance of your phone.

Hold your Android phone always running smoothly with Greenify.


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