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Gravity Rider: Power Run 1.14.22 Apk Mod

Uploaded:March 31st, 2019
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Gravity Rider: Power Run 1.14.22 is a game released by Vivid Games on the mobile platform. It is an arcade game that combines physical elements, which are making it uncomfortable for those who lack the patience. The game is now available on the Appstore/Play store for Android and IOS for free. In Gravity Rider, the player’s goal is to balance their character and to control the motorbike through the track with the hard terrain.

Gravity Rider: Power Run 1.14.22 APK Mod download for Android

Each stage performs a different challenge, accompanied by certain conditions that the player must perform if they want to receive 3 stars. The control mechanism in Gravity Rider: Power Run is very simple and intuitive, players will use 4 navigation keys on the screen (2 left and 2 right) to control his character moving through the obstacles. It looks simple, but you will realize that to complete each level of the game is not easy. Some levels will require the player to defeat a random opponent if they want to win. Difficulty in the first few levels is not very high so that players to familiarize themselves with the operation in the game. However, after a few screenshots, the Gravity Rider’s discomfort is completely over. Be careful if you are a person who does not have high patience because it will make you very stressful. Gravity Rider is designed with 3D graphics combined with real physical elements. If you only use the feeling to play, the game may be quite difficult for you.

The graphics in the game are really impressive, the road is designed to bring the best experience for the players. The surroundings are also very detailed and beautiful. Gravity Rider also allows players to compete against each other through multiplayer, or surpass each other on the game’s overall rankings.

The Key Features of Gravity Rider: Power Run:

  • Attractive gameplay, realistic physics interaction.
  • Beautiful graphics and details.
  • Many different game modes.
  • Many different levels.
  • Share high scores with friends.


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