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Uploaded: December 10th, 2017
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Granvilier developed by CommSeed Corporation promises to bring players new experiences with high-quality 3D graphics and attractive turn-based gameplay. Download Granvilier mod version now, the game is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

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The plot in Granvilier is quite simple, like many other simulation games, you will come to a fantasy land and fight against the evil forces. In order to do that, the player with his special summoned monster needs to get on the road to collect the heroes and monsters of the legend and use their power to confront them.

Participating in this mobile game, players will have to build a team of heroes with up to 6 members. Each hero will have his own special powers and be unlocked by certain levels. Moreover, when activated, each warrior will perform a skill demonstration with capturing and stunning graphics. You can also arrange the position of each character in the team to bring the greatest effect.

Most of the heroes are not available right from the beginning, you have to fight and pass the screen to unlock new Heroes, level of Heroes are hierarchical. By the way, heroes can reach a maximum of 5 stars – then you unlock all the skills and the strongest state of the heroes.

Granvilier Mod features:

  • Weaken the enemy

The music is also part of the appeal of the game. With epic soundtrack themes, which make the battle even better, the heroes are also dubbed separately. Now at the voice cast: Naomi Ozora / Shiori Mikami / Kyoko Narumi / Masumi / Toru Inada…

Like normal card games, the heroes will not be able to use their skills continuously but in return for activating their skills, a mini-game will ask the player to click on the correct points appears on the screen. Depending on your character’s appearance in the mini-game, damage from the effects will increase or decrease. This is an interesting feature that helps the player to train his vision rather than just waiting for the skill to return and release.

Granvilier also owns the usual features such as equipment collection, enhancement, skills level-up … to maximize the character’s strength. Heroes can be summoned by opening new cards after completing missions.

If you are confident with your squad, you can use them to fight with other players in the exciting arena or take part in giant boss battles to get some great presents. The English version of this engaging RPG game has been available for free on both iOS and Android platforms, and you can try out the link below.


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