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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an attractive action game for Android, the game is produced and released by Rockstar Games. Rockstar Games brings to the mobile game world the largest release with a larger open world ever including San Andreas State and three major cities including Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 1

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.08 mod apk

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas owns a very unique storyline, about the dramatic action adventure of Carl Johnson. Five years ago, Carl Johnson escaped dark life in Los Santos, San Andreas, a city full of gangsters, drugs and corruption. Where movie stars or millionaires have to avoid these evil gangs to live in peace. It was the early 1990s. Carl returned to his house but no one survived. His mother was murdered, his family was scattered in one place, he did not know where they were now. Even his childhood friends fell into the same misery.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 1

Unfortunately for Carl, on his way back to his familiar neighborhood, a few corrupt police officers caught him and they blamed him for murder. With no other choice, unable to hold back to let them go to their necks and gradually kill all his loved ones, Carl is forced to embark on a journey through San Andreas to rescue his family and win. again the streets are being controlled by these gangsters. The plot of the game is based on real events in Los Angeles like the feud between the Bloods and Crips gangs, drugs, Rampart scandals and even violent incidents in 1992 in Los Angeles .
Players can take on multiple side quests to increase attributes and earn extra income for the character, including traditional side quests from previous titles such as taking taxi passengers, burning fires, transport injured people to hospital and fight crime. Some new tasks include stealing, prostitutes brokers, delivery by trucks or trains and driving lessons, airplanes, canoes and motorbikes.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 1

Rockstar has emphasized the personalization of the main character by adding many elements of a role-playing game. Clothes, accessories, hairstyles, jewelry and tattoos can now be purchased by Carl Johnson and have an impact on the reactions of other characters. In particular, this is the first part that players can choose to date with their girlfriends, The degree of respect that gang members as well as friends on the street for Carl Johnson change based on appearance and action of the character, similar to his relationship with his girlfriend. Players also need to feed Carl Johnson at the same time exercise to stay healthy. The balance of diet and physical activities affects the appearance and attributes of the character.
San Andreas has many skills in areas such as driving, shooting, stamina and lung capacity, these skills are improved throughout the game. Carl Johnson can also learn 3 types of antagonistic fighting including boxing, kung fu and Muay Thai at the gym in every city. Carl Johnson can also dialogue with pedestrians on the sidewalk. According to Rockstar, there are about 4,200 lines of conversation in the game.

Features of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas:

– Remastered, high-resolution graphics engineered specifically for mobile consisting of lighting enhancements, an enriched color palette as well as improved character model.
– Cloud saves support for enjoying across all of your mobile devices for Rockstar Social Club Members.
– Double analog stick managements for full camera and movement control.
– Three completely different theme controls and customizable controls with discourse choices to show buttons only you would like them.
– Compatible with MoGa Wireless Game Controllers and Bluetooth choose and USB gamepads.
– Integrated with Immersion tactile effects.
– Tailor your visual expertise along with modifiable descriptive settings.
The game supports multiple languages including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.


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