Grand Battle Royale Pixel FPS APK OBB Mod 3.3.7 3

Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS Apk Mod

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Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS APK + OBB + Mod 3.3.7

Grand Battle Royale Pixel FPS APK OBB Mod 3.3.7 2

Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS is a survival shooter game that combines PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) gameplay and Minecraft graphics. Fight online with 20 other gunmen on a battlefield and be the last survivor.
PUBG and Minecraft are no doubt 2 of the hottest games today and attract millions of players worldwide. While PUBG is famous for its 100-player survival shooter, Minecraft is a world of magical blocks, where players are delighted to create and build. Each game title has a unique and charming charm, so when you combine them together, you will have a completely new, absolutely awesome new game that you should not miss.

Grand Battle Royale Pixel FPS APK OBB Mod 3.3.7 2

Therefore, many developers create games that follow these two games. There are even games that combine both, which means that there is a play like PUBG but the graphics are Minecraft-look. Typically the Grand Batte Royal game.
If you like pixel box shapes and battle royal games, then Grand Battle Royale: Pixel War for sure will be your new favorite game. Like PUBG, here you will parachute out of a plane to a deadly city on a remote island, surrounded by the sea with a mysterious Blue Zone and the first thing you need to do is pick up weapons and other items to be ready for battle.
Participating in this playground, gamers will fight online with many others in an expanding world. The goal is to survive on the battlefield, improve your shooting skills and develop new free PVP tactics.
At the beginning of the game, you and many others will jump off the plane to a dead island. After that, you will wander to pick up weapons and various items to eliminate the rest. Find yourself the best weapon including assault rifles, pixel guns, shotguns, hunting guns and other weapons.
Unite the battlefield by taking down each opponent and becoming the last person to remain. The location of the battlefield is a remote island, where there is a dead city, a mysterious Blue Zone and surrounded by immense sea. Your main task is to stay safe and eliminate all enemies.
You can pick up items scattered on the ground or drop down items. Try to own the best weapons like, smg, shotgun, sniper sniper, mine, ax … Master the battlefield by taking down each opponent and becoming the only survivor.

Features of Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS game:

– Pixel graphics and cube characters: Fight as funny cubes and show your gaming style.
– Survival shooter against other players.
– Fight in a multiplayer online game: Powerful PvP gameplay against other gamers around the world.
– The guns will appear randomly. So search on the ground carefully. Survive by collecting more guns so you have an advantage over others.
– Like in real 3D city survival games, you can buy any blocky skin!
– Take a pixel gun and enter the battle. Amazing pixel graphics bring intense gun battles.
– This large radioactive island is where you must survive when fighting in a square city.
– Multiplayer game completely free for you to download.

Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS consists of 20 players from all over the world who will scramble for a single surviving chair. If you have ever played PUBG, you will see everything pixelated in this version from the weapon system to the transport vehicle and the shrinking map, forcing gamers not to hide again but directly head. Will you become the last survivor, king of the battlefield? Good luck!

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