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With the success of the prolific shooter action game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds in the PC gaming market, many other products have come out and copied this similar gameplay. And today we bring you a similar game called Grand Battle Royale, this game has been successful in bringing the experience from Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds to your mobile.

Grand Battle Royale Mod APK Unlimited Money/Resource Download Latest

Grand Battle Royale Mod Money is just one of the games with similar gameplay as PUBG. We have previously introduced other similar games like Last Battleground: Survival Mod, Gun Royale… they are good games and get positive reviews from players. Grand Battle Royale is still a new experience for players with 8-bit graphics that is simple and easy to see. The gameplay is not too complicated to bring you pure entertainment moments.

Grand Battle Royale Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Infinite currency (Increases instead of decreasing)
  • No Root

How to install Grand Battle Royale Mod?

  • Download APK file (Mod) that we provided below
  • Install APK normal
  • All done, open game and enjoy!

Familiar survival gameplay:

Basically, the gameplay of Grand Battle Royale revolves around how to survive, in which players will be put into a designated area with 32 other players, engaged in a war of survival. The last survivor will be the winner. You have to move around the map, knock down other players, do not forget to pick up the needed items, find new weapons, pays attention to use the resources on the road. There are not many opportunities for you to pick them up because the battle in the game is continuous and only one second is not noticeable. You can be knocked down at any time … The game will take players on a variety of terrain types ranging from jungle to beach or prairie areas … This brings new strategic experience for players.

Collecting resources and guns:

Like other survival games, in order to survive in the Grand Battle Royale, the player must fully rely on support weapons from basic Katana, AK 47, M4A1, To super-heavy weapons such as bazookas … These weapons are randomly released on the battlefield to create an exciting experience for those who randomly picked up good guns, you are also a target for other players. To win the game, you need good skills and luck.

Logical strategy:

Remember that your only goal is to survive in the game, so confronting opponents is not always a good idea. Instead, be flexible with the equipment you have and create a rational strategy to survive. Instead of constantly fighting and defeating opponents (this is very difficult), let the opponent themselves destroy each other.

Surely, in order to avoid other players’ camping conditions, there are active circles in Grand Battle Royale, which are quite similar to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. These circles will be narrowed down to put the players together and ensure that the participants are always active. Anyone who has been hit by this circle will lose blood slowly and lose their lives if they do not return to safe areas in time.

Simple 8-bit graphics:

Because it’s a mobile game, Grand Battle Royale owns quite simple graphics, mostly in the form of 8-bit Pixel, which is classical, besides the environment created from the diverse shapes that make up the shapes. This does not adversely affect the gameplay of the Grand Battle Royale Mod Resource. It has the effect that makes the player comfortable and relaxed. It does not take too much stress to find an enemy in an environment that is not too detailed. Another point, due to only the 8Bits graphics, Grand Battle Royale can play on most Android devices today without requiring too much configuration.


Grand Battle Royale brings you the PUBG experience right on your Android device, which is free on the Play Store, and you can also download the latest Battle Royale mod Apk version that we provide on the link below.


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