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The weakness of English grammar is a major drawback, which can have a lot of negative effects on your work, even on your life. However, the Grammarly Keyboard application will help you improve and solve this problem by checking and automatically correcting the mistakes in the English.



Grammarly Keyboard APK – the best Keyboard for Study English

Grammarly Keyboard is a keyboard application for English grammar or keyboard typing errors frequently. You often type the wrong word or misspellings in English that make it difficult for the reader to understand. Because the phone keypad is too small; you type too fast; enter text when drowsy or not good English grammar. The Grammarly Keyboard will be the solution to this problem.
When installing the Grammarly Keyboard on your phone, this software will fix the error as soon as you type before you send the text. Grammarly Keyboard is like an editor, who follow you anywhere you are typing on any application. With an integration of input checking, whether you need to send an urgent email, important LinkedIn messages, or a Facebook post, you can completely write from your phone. It is very confident, fast without worrying about typos or misunderstandings because of grammatical errors. Basically, the interface of the Grammarly Keyboard is not much different than the default keyboard on iOS. Highlights from the automatic scanning mode of input from the user to quickly detect grammatical errors.

You will see it familiar because, on the internet, there are quite a lot of text support tools with similar functionality (but only for computers). The Grammarly Keyboard is like a plugin much more than a separate keyboard, supports most apps and works in real-time (meaning you input at the same time). Grammarly will automatically scan your actions).
You can imagine that you need to write a reported e-mail, post a status on the social network, or reply to someone’s message at night without worrying or rereading the content for fear of making a mistake because of the sleepiness. Even if you have mastered English grammar, Grammarly Keyboard still supports you to input faster with acronyms, and the results are still accurate.

The highlights of the app:

  • Smart spelling checker.
  • Advanced punctuation correction.
  • The keyboard is well-integrated with all applications.
  • Easy to install.
  • Having the short and clear explanation for each edit.
  • Help you understand your mistakes and avoid reduplicating in the future.

If you are having issues because you can not download the Grammar Keyboard from Google Play, do not worry because we provide the apk file for this application, you can download it for free using the link below.


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