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Google Duo is a new video chat Google app that will also appear alongside the messaging app, Allo (replaces Hangouts) on Android and iOS devices. Duo for Android is the response of Google to Apple’s popular free video calling application named FaceTime which is only available on iOS devices.

Google Duo APK download for Android

Google Duo has a pretty basic interface and functionalities. When the application is opened, the camera will be activated, then you press the call button at the bottom of the screen to open contact lists and make a call. If the person on your contacts has not registered to use the service, button “invite” will appear next to his or her phone number. You click it send a text message to him or her which is enclosed a link to download Google Duo apk.

Main features:

Experience Knock Knock:
Knock Knock allows the recipient of a call to see a live view of the person placing the call to get a sense not only of who is calling but why. Therefore, they can decide whether they should pick up the phone or not.
When you start making a call, there will be a notification showing your video is visible, meaning that other people can see what you are doing right at that moment in real time.

Very simple interface:
Duo show users a view of themselves and a big “video call” button. If users tap on that button, they’ll see a list of friends who they can call on the app.

High-quality video:
Experience faster and more reliable video calls whether you’re on Wi-Fi or on-the-go.
The video was generally smooth.

Audio calls:
Make audio-only calls to your friends when you can’t have a video call.

More information about Google Duo on Android

Google Duo is a popular application and is developed and managed by Google, here are some features about this app that you may not know.

You can disable Knock Knock feature:

Because Knock Knock is enabled by default, sometimes users like or do not like to use this feature, you can disable it. You can block any person on the contact (in the Duo menu), by the way, when you block someone on the Duo, they will not know it either. When they call you, they only hear the ringing tone of your phone ringing constantly. The Knock Knock feature does not appear on iOS devices because Apple does not allow access to the lock screen.

Super simple interface

Duo has a very simple and intuitive interface. Before you start a call, you will see an icon to start a video call and your recent list of contacts (voice call options are not yet supported). In the call, you will see yourself in a small circle, and icons to mute the sound, switch the camera and turn off the call. The live video from the person you are calling will display the full screen.

About video call quality:

Just like other video calling applications, the quality of Google Duo calls is good or bad depending on your internet connection that you are using (Wifi or mobile network). If the transmission is strong, the live video will have clear sound quality and the video quality will be more detailed.




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