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Recently, Flero Games has officially released an exciting simulation game called Goddess Kiss on the mobile platform. This is a mecha-girl-style game in which players will collect sexy girls and control a team of Mecha – modern fighters against dark forces. For the reader to have a clearer view of the game, let us quickly evaluate each detail in the Goddess Kiss.

Goddess Kiss Mod APK (Unlimited Money/God Mod) Latest/Updates

Japan is always the holy place for simulation games with Anime style. By combining contrast images, these Anime-style titles always attract a certain part of the community. Goddess Kiss is a great example of this when it comes to combining hot sexy girls in anime with brutal war images and super cool weapons.

Goddess Kiss brings gamers into the turmoil of war, in which the various corpses fall into endless battles. The game will take us to a futuristic world where technology has evolved with the arrival of modern robots. The hot girls can control these things and they call it the Mecha-girl. It is not just a journey to the strange world that you will have to transform into a leader, with the strongest warriors. You need to give them the most appropriate fighting strategies because the world is in danger of other dark machine forces.

Goddess Kiss Mod features:

  • Massive dmg
  • God mode

1.) toggle god mode and damage with sound.
— sound on = all mods enabled
— sound off = only god mode, normal dmg
2.) dmg is adjusted to be lower from 1000x to 100x

Key features:

  • The game brings impressive and familiar images.
  • Mecha-girl diversity and each warrior has their own special skills.
  • Multiple features
  • The strategy is pushed higher and depends on the player’s choice and calculations.
  • The battles are much more challenging.
  • Attractive PvP systems have ratings and scores for players to compete.

Goddess Kiss combines two tactical and simulation modes, in which gamers will confront each other in a drag-and-hit manner. Each unit of the player will have a weak point with unique attack abilities, allowing for combining with the commander also carry more personality. These command positions can be upgraded and developed in a number of different ways, allowing them to increase their stars as well as boost their units’ power.


Goddess Kiss (Mod APK) also possesses the ultimate 3D graphics platform in Japanese anime style. The details of the game are meticulously cared for, from the creation of the character to the seducing girls or from the fighting machine to the pit to the explosion effects. In addition to the interface of feature selection, the layout of the picture in the game is also calculated smart so that players easily see and cover everything.

Goddess Kiss’s style combines animated cartoon style and simple 3D models, giving gamers unique feel through hand-drawing as well as vivid graphics from computer graphics. With such harmony, the game brings a rare style to Mobile, giving gamers the feeling of an animated movie.


Basically, the Goddess Kiss does not have much innovation as it still carries the familiar play of the simulation game. Accordingly, players will play the role and have the task of building a battle squad with up to 5 members. Through recruiting, you can get new Mecha-girls with higher combat abilities depending on luck.

The Goddess Kiss game takes place in a turn-based and automatic mode. The Warriors will perform their own attacks each time they are in turn and prioritize their closest enemies. Players can also intervene in the battle by activating their strongest skills because they have enough energy by touching the image. This is one of the games that are so familiar to many people.

After each battle, the Mecha-girl will receive a certain amount of EXP and level of clarity. Each time they level up, they will be rewarded with a few stats to improve their fighting abilities. Sometimes, players can fight back against the game so they can level up faster or find new ones. In addition, you can also dress up for them with different outfits with a variety of fashion styles.

Goddess Kiss God Mod latest version download now!

Goddess Kiss (God Mod) offers a variety of exciting game modes such as single-player, story-based, Raid Boss, Arena that allows you to challenge and compete with others… Each mode will be open gradually depending on the level that you participate in, you will earn great in-game rewards.


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