Glory Of Empire (Unreleased)

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Glory Of Empire is a new strategy game developed by NetEase. If you have ever known NetEase through many survival games like PUBG, you will be amazed at their latest game titles – an engaging, real-time RPG with potential gameplay. The game promises to bring great experience to those who play this game.

Glory Of Empire APK download for Android

The goal of Glory Of Empire is quite simple and follow the kingdom construction style that the player will play a lord to grow his power. And when the suitable time has come, you can be the king in the fantasy world of the game. Moreover, the game also offers a number of interesting options in the journey of building your country, from domestic as research the type of technology and create new forms of construction, save as well as exchange goods with NPC so that the kingdom becomes even more powerful. By completing these steps, your kingdom will grow and expand on the world map. In addition to the build quality of the game, you will be experienced the fascinating real-time strategy gameplay like on the Clash of Clans and Castle Clash. You can recruit the commander to fight with BOT or other players. You must try to win to loot the trophy like gold and silver on your land and expand the territory to continue to develop other works.

In the open world map, players are free to explore and capture other kingdoms. If you do not have enough power then you can try the guild system, which is allowing you to join and associate with your teammates to create unprecedented scale battles, as well as trading to grow together.

Key features of the game:

  • A real-time strategy game on mobile.
  • Become a leader, resource manager and develop your own country.
  • The building and task system are abundant.
  • Fight with other players around the world.
  • Set up your own Guide and develop it.
  • Connect social networking accounts and sync play processes.

It can be said that in Glory of Empire ̣Mod APK, development factors and tactics are developed equally. When you join the game, you will have an enjoyable experience as a lord and leader of your own country.


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