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Geostorm is a puzzle game, which recently released by Sticky Studio to promote the upcoming movie of the same name around the world. With the subject of natural disasters because of technology abuse of human beings. Geostorm is available on both platforms Android and iOS, readers can download the game experience at the link at the end of the article.

Geostorm APK Mod Money latest/update for Android

The context of the Geostorm occurs in the future, when humans have been able to control the weather through innovative technologies, but also because of the abuse and technology that humans have. Facing catastrophes and natural disasters, the task of the player is to survive and to collect essential data to prevent natural disasters. At this point you will be playing one of the three main characters of the project, the task of the player is to search and transfer the necessary information to stop the operation of these satellites and save the earth. Disaster from Mother Nature.

Geostorm (MOD APK) gameplay video:

Geostorm’s gameplay is designed in a turn-based style. In each level, you have to find the right direction, moving objects in the play area to create a safe path to help your character exit. Get out of the area, and try to move as few turns as possible to complete the goals.

Geostorm (Mod APK) will bring players terrible disaster from the tsunami, earthquake, thunderstorm, the death chills … All are shown through pretty 3D graphics, which is beautiful and real. With long hours of gameplay, the same difficulty increases as the later. Can you survive, get the data you need to save humanity?

Possessing a turn-based turn-based strategy, GeoMostor will bring players to a world devastated by snowstorms, floods, and hail to complete tasks that require ingenuity and agility. Gamers will have to calculate the path and water to make it reasonable to cross the screen or solve the puzzle in the game.

Geostorm is particularly impressive for the community because it combines simple graphics with a modern feeling, gameplay is optimized for mobile devices and is always appealing and addictive. Although it is a movie game to answer the questions will appear in this movie but you can completely confidently play the game first and then watch the next film without fear of spoilers by the content of both completely different. You guys can access the link below to download Geostorm Mod APK for free.


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