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Google has renamed Google Keyboard for Android to GBoard for the same keyboards that they have made for iOS then upgraded version 5.x to 6.0. Many manufacturers include on their Android devices their own custom keyboard version. If you want to get hold of the original Android keyboard, Gboard is here for you.

Gboard APK latest version for Android

GBoard latest version has a remarkable feature that allows you to enable the number keys, in the previous version it only appears when you want to enter the password. You can also use three different languages at the same time, without having to switch between languages, which the keyboard will automatically recognize.
The Finger scan feature for typing was renamed Glide, the GIF button on the GBoard is also automatically displayed with apps that support inserting GIF images from the keyboard.
Similar to the iOS operating system, the G button allows you to search quickly from the keyboard without having to open Google Search or browse. This is also one of the most notable additions to GBoard for Android. You can search for non-specific information, for example, “today’s weather” or “World population” for quick answers. You can also find some news when you click on the link, then it will automatically insert into your text editor, this is very convenient when chatting, exchanging email with others.

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Key features of Gboard for Android [Latest]:

The users of Android devices that don’t include Google’s default keyboard can now make the most of its features with Google Keyboard:

  • Gesture Typing: Simply swipe your finger from one key to another and complete a word by lifting your finger, useful when you need to type in long words.
  • Voice typing: open GBoard latest for Android, Touch the microphone to say what you want and the app will automatically “type” them for you.
  • Support for word suggestions, word prediction, auto-debugging.
  • Touch and hold the “Enter” key to add an emoticon to the text (Android 4.4+).
  • There is no need to add a word manually into the personal dictionary anymore. Whenever you enter a word, you can use gestures to enter it or search for it in the suggestion for the next use.
  • Synchronize your input history across multiple devices and improve typing performance

Download the original Android keyboard developed by Google, considered the fastest in the world. Here you have Google Keyboard free for Android.


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