Zombie Tsunami

Game Zombie Tsunami – zombie tsunami fascinating running action game

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Game Zombie Tsunami – zombie tsunami fascinating running action game

As a kind of entertaining action game after every hour of work, tired of studying, Zombie Tsunami game is one of the hottest games that people are interested in downloading for Android phones.

Zombie Tsunami is developed by Mobigame S.A.R.L. Designed in simple play style with just 1 touch. The current games are developed towards simple gameplay style with touch-screen touch screens or with easy mouse clicks including Subway surfers, Fruit Ninja, Temple run …

Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami with the plot is when the world is spreading fast and strong zombie epidemics like tsunamis. The corpses spread with tremendous speed, eating everything on their way. Players will role-playing ferocious zombies, starting to build their own strong army and killing humans. There is a very interesting thing in Zombie Tsunami that each person after being attacked will immediately turn into a zombie like you and join the zombie army.

The player begins the run with a single zombie. After a period of playing and earning enough money, players can upgrade to 2 or even five zombies to increase their chances of eating more people as soon as they enter the race without stopping. These zombies will bite people into their zombies. The more zombie forces you have, the more chance you will have to eat gold coins, push the cars containing many people at the same time, and the player will have the opportunity to run longer.

To move the player, just click on any point on the screen to jump over the obstacles, deep holes … they are also the way to get more gold or items in the onion. submit. Touch and hold to jump long distances. Avoid obstacles on the road such as underground bombs, aerial bombs, deep holes, running cars, running helicopters, walls or you may lose zombies or lose.

Zombie Tsunami

With Zombie Tsunami, there are 8 assistants to transform into different types of zombies. Each type possesses unique skills and abilities, but they are only valid for 20 seconds:

  • GiantZ (Giant Zombie): is one of the two most powerful. GiantZ (aka giant zombie) has great destructive power, wide damage potential … GiantZ uses the main weapon of a laser gun through the eyes.
  • Ninja: is a zombie that possesses an extremely sharp katana, capable of cutting off vehicles and slashing powerful bombs with darts (only when players upgrade), can jump twice with at.
  • Gold: are gold-wrapped zombies with the ability to turn everything into gold except for two objects: people pray to the roadside and the people in buses, cars, then collect them. They only die when they fall into a hole in the sections of subsidence or cracks.
  • Quarterback: is an “immune” zombie with bombs and all kinds of obstacles on the track, except for pits. The only disadvantage of them is that they cannot run when they are in normal form but they have the advantage of good defensive ability.
  • Tsunami: a supplement that can “save” people who are calling for help to increase the number of zombies for the team and collect enough gold coins to be allocated along the way, forming a Perfect combo and helping people Play with bonus points. Players simply press the screen repeatedly to make the waves rise, destroy everything that hinders and bring the zombie army through many challenges. Keeping the tsunami high is not difficult, when upgrading this Bonus to destroy all types of bombs and cars but still protect the zombies well on the waves.
  • Dragon: is a “dragon” zombie. Press and hold to fly high, release your hand and press next to create jumps for the dragon. Dragons are made up of many parts, if they hit a bomb or a car, they will be lost from the tail to the top. Keeping the dragon afloat will help the player to overcome sections of cracks or subsidence as well as to avoid other hazards.
  • Balloon: will help zombies hover in the air with pressing or pressing and holding on the screen. Balloon helps zombies to fly faster, overcome sections of cracks or subsidence and other obstacles – features similar to the above dragon support.
  • UFO: is the only auxiliary to help maintain the game even if the zombie is dead capable of copying zombies, helping you preserve force and continue the journey without your stop.

There are also 2 other aids:

Gold: zombies will now be wrapped in gold. Everything this zombie stabbed will turn into gold. Its downside is that it cannot run as usual and is a bit slow

  • Mecha: is a sawing robot, it can cut off obstacles on the road.
  • RiderZ: zombies will drive a race car, when they fall into the platform, they can drive up, if they are upgraded to die of obstacles, the zombie army becomes invincibleZombie Tsunami

Players will encounter a few cars, tanks, or even crashed planes lying on the road. Each type of vehicle will need a number of different zombies to “destroy” (subversion), and each time like that, the Zombie army will also be increased to the number corresponding to the number of people inside.

Zombie Tsunami includes more than 300 quests for players to overcome, including tasks that are easy to intertwine difficult tasks. From the main screen, click the Missions section to see the 3 tasks you need to pass at the present time. When completing each task in the three listed items, the completed task will disappear and be replaced by a new task.


– Only one button to control the entire crowd

– 10 amazing rewards, ninja, dragons, UFOs and more

– Many upgrades are ready to unlock

– Feed zombie birds and use their power

– Over 300 missions to conquer

– Go through 11 backgrounds

– Optimized for all Android models.

Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami rebellion game for Android phones has ideas, funny plot, you want to challenge yourself with this type of action game, you want to avoid cars that constantly attack you, you want to live In the midst of a mountain of jungle and bombs, join the Zombie Tsunami rebellion game for Android phones, it is very interesting that I guarantee you will be attracted from the first time!


Link Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.mobigame.zombietsunami



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