Game of Warriors

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We would like to invite you to enter the fierce medieval battles in the Game of Warriors strategy game. You will summon special heroes with special skills, build up kingdoms and send your troops to attack the base of other players.

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Game of Warriors is a very addictive strategy game in the style of dropping troops and defending towers. In this playground, the player will play the role of the king that is responsible for building, developing and protecting his own kingdom, while directing troops to conquer new lands, attacking and invade the castle of other players.

Formed in a tactical way of dropping troops, the battlefield in the Game of Warriors is fierce with the confrontation of hundreds of soldiers between the two sides, with the presence of creatures only appearing in the legend. Your mission is to summon your citizens, train them, deliver weapons, defend the city walls from attacks by Goblins, Skeletons, Orcs and Worgens.

In order to win, the players need to summon a lot of units as well as special heroes to support their troops. In addition, players can upgrade the army by equipping arms and horses to defeat the enemy. Game of Warriors allows players to develop a variety of combat tactics, showing the tactics of commanding a wise general.

Key features of Game of Warriors for Android:

  • 4 civilizations to conquer players!
  • Different commanders to lead your army
  • 2 game modes: City Defense and Invasion
  • Great gaming time.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Amazing SFX.

You can also challenge yourself by commanding troops to conquer other cities and win; extend your civilization around the world, overcome all the challenges and destroy the enemy.


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