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Future Strike is about the futuristic world being ravaged by a mysterious virus that changed humans into horrible zombies. At this time, The UFO appeared to be an obstacle. The player simulates soldiers and saves the world.

Future Strike APK (Mod Money) latest/update for Android

Because it is a mobile shooter game, every action of Future Strike APK game is streamlined. The character of the player can move freely with two left and right keys. For visualization, you can move your hands under the virtual Joy-Stick key and shoot with the right button.

Not only have to kill all enemies to finish the game but often the game only requires you to destroy certain targets. However, the more you accomplish, the more points you earn, the more money you earn. In order to do this, the player must finish the target as quickly as possible, or complete the additional objectives that the game offers.

There are several levels in Future Strike game that appears Boss, the player must constantly move because of dodging the paths of the enemy and attack the enemy. The feeling of shooting in the game is also good thanks to the top-down view that you will easily observe and prepare for the enemy near and far from you.

In addition to the active shooter, in Future Strike (APK Mod) you will be driving a giant war machine to clear the enemy. To bring a sense of excitement, players will constantly shoot back the opponent and destroy them completely. Besides, players will be introduced to a number of special features such as jump back to dodge and rapid movement through the battlefield, accompanied by various types of guns that you can equip the main character in front of each level and change quickly with just one shortcut on the screen. All combine to create a rapid action gameplay for the player to enjoy.

The character is too soft in the detailed 3D graphics. The pit is very impressive, especially with the Boss. The environment sheds light on the context in which the game features the most modern half-human characters armed with powerful armour. so you guys can download Future Strike Mod APK latest for Android for free with the link below right now. Have fun!


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