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FIFA 18 has officially been released by EA on Android and IOS, Fifa is one of the most successful series of football games ever to dominate the ranking of the most popular football games on the platform. One of the most prominent features of FIFA is FUT – mode. The game allows players to build their own team and participate in major tournaments to become champions.

What is FUT?

FUT stands for Fifa Ultimate Team – one of the modes of Fifa games.


FUT 18 DRAFT by PacyBits Review

Essentially, Ultimate Team is an online exchange mode. Players will recruit players in tournaments around the world and build a team of their choice, try to optimize the positions to create the strongest team possible. Then you will participate in direct confrontation mode to level up. There are 10 levels. The players are divided into 3 different levels and divided by the colors: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can own the cards in two ways: Buy on the transfer market in the game or buy the available card packs.

Download FUT 18 DRAFT Simulator 1.5.3 by PacyBits APK Mod unlimited coin latest/update for Android

You can use virtual coins in the game (coin) or real money to buy cards. In addition to the players available, EA Sports also launches a variety of card upgrades to the player index according to their style of life. Besides playing Division you can join the FUT Champions. This system will evaluate players after 40 games. If you rank in the top 100 (often very hard), you will win valuable prizes.

Simulates FUT Mode on Mobile with FUT 18 Draft Simulator by PacyBits . Why not?

If you’ve ever played Fifa on a PC or console, you’ll love FUT Mode by its interesting features, but you cannot always bring your PC with you, so why not? Do not bring this feature to your Android phone and play it anywhere and anytime.

FUT 18 Draft Simulator by PacyBits is an application that helps you simulate FIF mode of Fifa on your Android phone, with many features created from the original, the game will simulate exactly what you have to do when play FUT.

With FUT you can: Draft the latest FUT players, build your squad, participate in tournaments, and collect exciting rewards following quests. The mod version of FUT 18 Draft Simulator APK latest version does more than that by allowing you to use the unlimited coin to buy players pack or participate in free transfer activities.

FUT 18 DRAFT Simulator Mod Coin Installation Guide on Android:

  • Download FUT 18 Draft Simulator Apk (Latest) that we provide below.
  • Access the file manager and find the file you just downloaded, install as usual. Note that you must enable the APK file installation feature from the Unknown Source in your phone’s settings.
  • All done. You will have low app icon displayed at App Draw
  • Open the game and enjoy!

Key features of the game:

  • Build your teams, simulate the most detailed tournaments, compete with other teams and win big prizes.
  • 1vs1 gameplay challenges your strategic abilities.
  • Compete with your friends and random players around the world, or even play on the same device.
  • Collect thousands of FUT 18 cards and build up collections of clubs, tournaments, and special cards. New cards will be added each week.
  • Complete the Squad Building Challenges to receive special rewards, such as special PTCBIT SBC and Legend cards.
  • Develop your Level, save your drafts and squad, track club stats. Share your progress with the world.
  • Earn PacyBits and use them to open more packs or deal with your friends.

Mod Coin in FUT 18 Draft Simulator:

The coin is one of the main currency in the game, used for player buying, meaning: You have coin – you will have players. Making a coin in FUT 18 Draft Simulator is quite difficult, by completing the mission of the game or winning the game, you will have some coin but it is quite little, if you do not want to struggle because of this Just download FUT 18 Draft Simulator Mod Coin APK that apkgalaxy provides and you will have unlimited coin numbers now without having to do anything.

Experience the FUT 18 Draft Simulator – first look:

When opening the game for the first time, the FUT 18 Draft Simulator will ask the person to do some initial work including create the account name, select the tournament and choose the team you want to play. Here I choose Premier League and Manchester United team.

After clicking next, the game’s main screen will appear as shown below.

Now let’s take a look at the features that this FUT simulation game brings.

You can see 3 tabs of the game including:

  • Multiplayer: Play online with other players
  • Single Player: The main feature of the game is to help you build your own FUT team
  • My Club:  Stats your club information, which also saves the squads you have built in Single Player, along with a tab to display the player’s profile.

Single Player is the mode that you MUST first play when launching the FUT 18 Draft Simulator because this is where you start building your team, from the number 0. Ok let’s see what it has:

  • Enter Draft: Where to start your first lineup, the game will give you some initial player selections and a complete squad to join in the upcoming matches.
  • SquadBuilding Challenges: A set of challenges that the player loves to complete when building a squad to gain valuable rewards.
  • Pack: The place to open Player Pack, priced from 3500 to 5000 coin, with the mod version we provide you can comfortably buy the pack here without having to worry about the coin.
  • Latest Player: List of new player cards updated by EA.

Overall, FUT 18 Draft Simulator Mod unlimited Coin is a perfect game for you to experience FUT mode on your mobile phone, you will be free to build a team and participate in all activities and modes. Download FUT 18 Draft Simulator Mod APK for free at APKgalaxy and experience this game right now.


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