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Framed 2 for Android is the latest version of the unique interactive puzzle game that is officially available on Android. Based on the essence of the older sibling, players will be free to move Framed 2 paintings to create different escape routes or outcomes when dealing with a series of challenging puzzles.

Framed 2 is a fascinating underground crime puzzle game for Android Platform. Players will rearrange the pictures in a moving comic book to change the story.

Framed 2 has a story that draws players right from the boot and is completely different from Framed. Many years ago, a secret trawl smuggled prohibited goods into a strange land. The player’s task is to control the frame wisely so that the character is not summoned by the police or goes to a dead end. Find the way to escape and lead the character to the end of the safe journey.

This game is not easy as you think of. Developers have increased more complexity of Framed 2 for Android. Framed 2 Mod Money is like a detective story. Each part is a puzzle that needs to be answered. Going through many challenges, connecting the information together, you will find the unexpected truth at the end of the road with the meaningful message that Noodlecake Studios wants to convey.

Though only designed with 2D graphics, Framed 2 mod Money still impresses players with elaborate details, smoothly displaying on mobile screens and tablets. Create a black-and-white mainstream character. It does not describe the details of facial features, but the mysterious spirit and fast moving steps still make it hard to describe.

In terms of music, Framed 2 for Android takes jazz as the mainstream, combining modern sound, well suited to the subject of the story. It changes dynamically according to the story’s evolution, bringing a strong emotion to the players as the main characters in this thrilling story.

Framed 2 for Android is currently discounted from $4.88 to $1.99. This is a very great price for the perfect game but you guys can download Framed 2 Mod APK for free at apkgalaxy to satisfy your passion.


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