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Fortcraft is a survival game released by NetEase, which is a familiar game that will bring you to the battle between the life and the death with other 99 people. Your task is to quickly collect resources to build your base for protecting you from surrounding enemies, who always intend to kill you.


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In Fortcraft, players will be free to design, build a base to help you survive to the end. In order to build a base, you will use a hammer to smash anything along the way such as buildings, trees, vehicles and collect the necessary materials. These items will be used to build houses, fortresses, survive and destroy all enemies on the map and win the game. All designs and structures in Fortcraft are based on the 4 × 4 km mapping platform, allowing players to easily view their opponents’ positions, shorten playing time and have more opportunities to experience the game. At the beginning of the game, Fortcraft allows players to build bases with just a touch on the screen. This feature allows the player to concentrate all his mind on the battle without spending too much time searching for items and building his base. In addition, this will greatly assist the player when you will be able to focus fully on fighting and surviving out of the 99 remaining enemies on the island.

How to download Fortcraft for mobile?

Currently, Fortcraft is still under development, however, you can still download and play the game by accessing the link we provided below, game size is over 400Mb so you should use wifi to download. Here is a step-by-step installation guide:

  1. Download the XAPK file we provided, put it on your device.
  2. Using XAPK app to install the game, you can see this article to know how to use XAPK App.
  3. All done!

Ok, you seem to have easy to install this game, but do not rush, let’s take a look at the interesting features of this game right below.


During the battle, the player will discover a variety of weapons to use in combat from the rifle for attacking. One of the most important weapons in the game is the flamethrower, which is used for a short time in the middle or later part of the game. When using a flamethrower, you may not see what is going on but in return you will see the result, which makes the opponent running away, being injured or being killed instantly.  The intuitive motion controls in the game allow you to accurately locate combat positions and easily move, dodge, fire or build.  In general, the weapons system in the game is quite diverse, there are many different weapons types so you can choose during the battle.

The game modes and Graphics

Another advantage of Fortcraft is that this game allows you to choose a team mode and can play with other players around the world through the server on the mobile device. In this team mode, you can increase your teammate’s fighting ability. Through live chat, the game allows everyone to easily communicate with their other teammates. Of course, like Rule of Survival, the game still offers familiar modes of solo, squad. Fortcraft possesses an attractive 3D graphics such as the character design, buildings, buildings, trees, vehicles… They created a very real as the computer version. Besides, a point cannot be mentioned is the fire, explosion… live combat effect also contributed to the attraction in Fortcraft.  FortCraft provides a customizable setting, allowing players to choose the quality of the game’s images at varying degrees, so depending on the device configuration you are using, you can select set up the most suitable.


It is easy to see that Fortcraft is a very familiar game of survival game style, bringing special and attractive graphics. Currently, the trial version of the game is available on Google Play and App Store, Fortcraft promises to be a game to attract the most players in the coming time.

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