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Formula GP Racing (Mod) is a familiar racing game. After the game release, the game has received a lot of attention from players because it is much more attractive than the previous version.
This game is provided by the manufacturer, Day 1 Games Ltd, which is promising to be a bright point in the racing game genre. You will be able to utilize your skills as well as your tricks to win against other opponents and receive amazing rewards for your achievements.

Formula GP Racing Mod APK (Unlimited money/Full Unlocked) for Android

Like other racing games such as F1 2016, or Racing F1, Formula GP Racing is based on the Formula 1 racing car but it is upgraded to many outstanding features, graphic design and imagines, which are very carefully designed. You will be driving a new attractive sports car. With your driving skill and sensitive situations handling, you can win the game.
Players will have to compete with many racers over the course of the race on different terrains. In Formula GP Racing, players can upgrade their cars and their engines, buy more cars, and increase their car’s performance.
Control of racing cars is very simple. The players will be introduced and guide in the beginning. With winning races, players will be able to unlock the next stage, even earn money or amazing rewards. In order to win or to get acquainted with many terrains of the race, the player needs to practice a lot, and have themselves experience after each game.

Key features of the game

Each race, or in the process of racing, the Formula GP Racing system will provide the user with a lot of information includes the current lap, the terrain, the right and wrong direction and the position of the player in the race.
You can also update weather and information for qualifiers as well as laps. In addition to individual races, players can create their own teams and participate in tournaments and seasons.

Exceptional Features

Players can create their own racing team. In the tournaments, you can freely install and select the number of drivers involved, and the awards policy as well as the race. Tournaments can be small friendly or international, including many racers from many places.
Through each tournament, players can track their team, customize their rationality, set up experienced racers to win the game. You can also join in with your friends to get through the attractive and intelligent combos.
Individual points and rewards will be increased based on the player’s accumulated points and experience. The race will gradually increase the difficulty and increase more obstacles. Therefore, the players need to overcome and reach the fastest to increase their rankings. Formula GP Racing also features a weather display, the terrain of each race, helping players adjust the way to play the most logical.


For speed fans, Formula GP Racing is a great choice. Even when you experience the game, you will be attracted immediately by the exciting race, high skill requirements, and beautiful graphics. This can be considered a pretty special point, a very hot game in the Formula 1 racing game.


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