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Footej Camera is a professional and friendly photo editing application. Footej Camera Premium for Android contains a suite of useful photo-editing tools to capture high-quality video that is rare in a free application. This is a well-known application on the XDA forum and was created by two members, stratosk and Giorgos Raptopoulos, to offset the missing parts of the camera stock into this app to complete their camera phone. This is also a powerful, friendly and attractive photo-taking application from Semaphore, which is now available on the Google Play Store. Footej Camera for Android is ready to record, arrange the layout and bring beautiful pictures.

Footej Camera Premium can capture HDR photos in the front camera, change white balance when selfie or option to shoot video or slow-motion video as well as turn off the Micro for video quickly with the icon on the camera interface. On the paid version we can also adjust the exposure time as shown on the Premium cameras. In the settings of the camera, we can easily edit the parameters of the image such as size, image quality, focus mode, metering mode … Or video parameters such as quality, Capture mode, time-lapse and slow-motion shooting parameters …

Key features of the application:

  • User interface is simple and smooth
  • Quality video, great pictures
  • Take advantage of Android device 2 API camera (on device that supports the API)
  • Flexible focus changes and exposure from different regions (if supported)
  • Built-in library and slider
  • Continuous shooting mode
  • Create GIF animations
  • Video recording slow motion
  • Shutter speed control, camera focus, light sensitivity (if supported)
  • Support for custom RAW formats
  • Take snapshot while recording video
  • Support selfie lights

Premium features:

  • Continuous shooting speed is less than 500ms
  • A maximum of more than 20 consecutive shots
  • Better JPEG quality
  • Antibanding: 50Hz in Europe and 60Hz in Asia
  • Video duration is greater than 5 minutes
  • Histogram photographic
  • High-resolution GIF animations
  • If you want to respond or report an error when using Footej Camera for Android, please send a message to

Change in the new version of Footej Camera Premium for Android:

  • Additional audio level control for video recording
  • Added functionality to create GIF images from video
  • Add an image editing shortcut to an external application
  • Optional audio source
  • Double Touch in succession to zoom in and out
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved performance and other small tweaks

Footej Camera Premium APK for Android is not difficult to use, it is well suited for capturing photos and video recording. Also, if you want to create your own GIF images, this is also worth a try. Download Footej Camera Premium for free, so do not hesitate to install app and experience it yourself.


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