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Have you ever wondered why does the soccer make billions of people exciting? Why do you love soccer? This is a simple question but it is not so easy to answer. It is like asking Football Manager fans why they are so addicted to this management game. It may be difficult to get a satisfactory answer. Since the first version was released in 1992 (as the Championship Manager), so many of us have fallen in love with this game. Every year, in the beginning of November, millions of fans are again excited to welcome the new version to experience the feeling of sitting as a team coach and turn your favorite team into the top of the world.
The official version of Football Manager Touch 2018 has been released for free on the Play Store and AppStore on both the Android and iOS platforms, and you can download the game and install it for free by using the apk file we provide below.

The team selection

Like all other mobile football management games, Football Manager Touch 2018 allows players to choose their favorite team and start managing it. You can choose the player for the squad, the position, the selection of the dress … You will have the right to decide everything on and off the pitch, with the goal of developing the team and become the champion all over the world. Currently, Football Manager Touch 2018 offers more than 130 different clubs and all major tournaments worldwide, with a truly large player system and continuous updating capabilities, offering a wide variety of options.

Save multi-platform game

No more headaches of the problem of playing the game from the beginning because of new device changing, Football Manager Touch 2018 Allows you to save the playing process on your mobile device to continue using the same save files for the PC and vice versa again. Now it is the same and you can play anywhere, with just one game console and internet connection.

Intensive Tactical Management

The appeal of football does not only come from the direct competitions on the virtual pitch, but also from countless tactical calculations in the back, where have coaches and technical staff. Football Manager Touch 2018 will let you do this. No longer monotonous as the previous version, Football Manager Touch 2018 will strengthen in the array of tactical calculation options, including the master plan and defensive direction. With the fast attacking side of the opponent, there are many different tactics that you can apply and win. Now you can take control of the team with a new tactical mechanism. In which, you can focus on the passing line, as well as decide on the direction of the attack and the main formation. Players can even customize the goalkeeper. Any success or failure of the team is completely up to you.
In addition, players can create their own Club. It means that you can create a whole new team, with Logo, name, stadium, shirt color… All the products are created by you.

Team training

This is the mechanism that helps the players focusing on each aspect of training for the team to prepare for the best match. With three levels, gold, silver and bronze medal, the player decides how he commands the team, focusing on defence or attacking. Your decision will affect absolutely on your team.

Match simulation system

No longer is the boring 2D simulation gameplay experience, Football Manager Touch 2018 delivers a better experience when your matches are simulated in 3D technology as a real-life match. In addition to watching the match, you can customize options such as speed, angle, replay, tactical options … and a lot of other customizations.

Download Football Manager Touch 2018 for Android/iOS

It can be said that Football Manager Touch is the complete football management game, is available for Android. The new version of 2018 promises to bring a better experience to the players. Just download and try it now! 🙂

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