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Along with PES and FIFA, Football Manager is one of the three oldest and most popular PC / Console and Mobile game titles. If Pes and Fifa bring players into the game in a straightforward way and controls the players on the pitch, Football Manager Mobile offers a completely different football experience, at a higher level, more intellectually, when the players manage their own team and do everything to develop it.

Football Manager Mobile 2018 APK Download Latest/Update

Football Manager Mobile 2018 is the latest football manager game for Android 4.0 and above, bringing football fans to global football matches. After several days of waiting, SEGA finally launched Football Manager Mobile 2018 for Android, inherit and develop the success of the previous versions. Gamers who are passionate about football and who like to play the role of talent manager and enjoy the latest mobile version of one of the most popular football game today – Football Manager Mobile 2018 mod apk for android. The PC version was released before and was rated not only beautiful but also the smartest version that has ever released.

Football Manager Mobile 2018 was officially launched on November 11th. This is the 26th edition of this game, a really long time of a series of sports games on many platforms. Download the latest version of the game and become a great manager with the best team.

Football Manager Mobile 2018 has the simplest, fastest way to manage, leading your club to the glory rewards. With compatibility on most smartphones and tablets, Football Manager Mobile 2018 is designed to give players the best mobile experience. Participating in this game, you will be selected to manage and be responsible for a random club from 15 countries around the world and participate in all major European tournaments. Players have the right to decide on the transfer, tactics, players involved and who will sit on the bench. You have to balance the players and keep the players in good status, keep the trust and love of the management and the fans.

The inheritance of the series:

With every simulation game, the reality is the primary factor in evaluating the quality of the game. With an excellent product like Football Manager, this factor is always focused and developed continuously.

Sports Interactive has always focused on developing more realistic gameplay, and this has been the foundation for Football Manager in the past. This makes Football Manager Mobile 2018 more complex with a lot of things that you need to understand. But this is what the developer is aiming to bring players the same experience as a manager.

Like 2017 version, Football Manager Mobile 2018 continues to add two new game modes, Fantasy Draft and Create Your Own Club:

  • Fantasy Draft allows players to create a league of up to 31 teams and invite friends to join. In this tournament, you can adjust the amount of the money to buy players and dominate the transfer market. In general, you have the freedom to create anything to create a tournament your way.
  • The game is not too much different from Fantasy Daft, but Create Your Own Club is going in the direction of more challenge. You will create a team that participates in the real league system in the game and your task is to manage your team to defeat every opponent to become the winner.

Football Manager 2018 apk for Android will continue to maintain the influence of the club’s shareholders, who will have the right to interfere in the management of the team, from the basics of the practice or to change the gameplay. This will be a great challenge when you ask players to understand the problem, because just a small problem, you can be lost the job.

Football Manager Mobile 2018 was a Good Upgrade

Although the gameplay has many similarities with Football Manager Mobile 2017, Football Manager Mobile 2018 (FM Mobile) still brings new features enough to make players do not feel bored. One of the improvements that you can easily see is that the graphics of the game are designed with a new, intuitive and simple interface. The movement of the player is more detailed and realistic when the game updates a lot of new effects. In addition, 3D matches will feature pre-match scenes. It could be a warm-up between the two clubs, the two coaches shaking hands or the players’ pitch. This makes the game more real than before.

The content of the game has also been updated. Now you can participate in two new tournaments, in the US and Japan. In addition, player’s data has also been added. Currently, Football Manager Mobile 2018 brings more than 250,000 players in every league in the world.

Key Features of Football Manager Mobile 2018 APK:

Manage and develop your team.

As usual, you are a coach and take the whole responsibility for your team, who can transfer and set up tactics in Football Manager Mobile 2018 completely at will. Join the transfer market, decide who plays and who will sit on the bench. Like its predecessor, Football Manager Mobile 2018 still gives the player the task of developing players, boosting the rankings, making fans happy, leading the club to victory.

You will have a lot of work to do to develop the team. FM Mobile will definitely spend a lot of time if you want to become a winner.

Two new tournaments.

Football Manager Mobile 2018 has more tournaments than ever. Now you can control your favorite clubs in US and Japan.

User interface

The developer has improved the user interface to make the game look and feel visual.

Recruiting players

Recruiting talented strikers are an important part of the football management process. You can search for, detect future football talent. Or if you only have tight budgets, take advantage of the free loan and transfer agreement.

Additional transfer options.

Lend or lease players with a future acquisition clause, giving you many ways to get great players on your team.

Perform well-controlling your team:

Ineffective, unprofessional and often ineffective players will be disciplined. It all depends on your decision.

Video gameplay:

Download Football Manager Mobile 2018 APK right now

With all the above features, Football Manager Mobile 2018 for Android promises to bring the exciting experience, which makes the popular FM Mobile series of SEGA, Football Manager Mobile 2018 not only improved and added to the new gameplay features, but the graphics quality in Football Manager Mobile 2018 also upgraded much more. In short, Football Manager Mobile 2018 mod is still one of the most exciting football management games you should never miss.You can buy the game for $ 9.99 to support the publisher, or download the game with the link below that we provide.


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