Flying Fury Dragon Simulator APK MOD

Flying Fury Dragon Simulator APK MOD

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Flying Fury Dragon Simulator is a game that simulates how the mythical dragons fly, fire and hunt other animals from GT RACE GAMES.
You will play an angry dragon, flying all over the island, exploring the sky and every corner of the ocean. Fly and fire to hunt the raptors dinosaurs on the ground, spray fire to destroy nearby villages, expressing themselves as an angry and scary dragon ever.

Flying Fury Dragon Simulator iOS / Android

Flying Fury Dragon Simulator APK MOD

Flying Fury Dragon Simulator APK MOD

How to control

Control the dragon in the Flying Fury Dragon Simulator very simply. Everything is via buttons and virtual analog controls on the left side of the screen.
Functional buttons for control include flight, landing, elevation, high altitude, and fire spray. These functions are quite complete so you can control your dragon to do whatever you want.

Flying Fury Dragon Simulator APK MOD

Here’s a 5-star review for Flying Fury Dragon Simulator

Flying Fury Dragon Simulator APK MOD

“Best dragon simulator ever! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for; a dragon game with a beautiful open world, no dying, and nice controls. The controls are, in my opinion, easy to learn and feel very satisfying and suitable for a dragon simulator. The dragon seems to be indestructible and can even fly in the water! I wouldn’t exactly say we’re “killing” the Raptors, because they sit up and look dizzy after defeat if you leave them long enough. Very good overall, with great gameplay!” (Emily)

Graphics in the game

As a 3D simulation game, in-game graphics really create a realistic look that is required for simulation games. However, the image has not been invested much, the scenery is still unspoiled, there are not many details to highlight the surrounding scenery.
About the dragon in the game
With the traditional design, it is exactly the name of the game. However, what players need is a personalization element of their dragon that can show the player’s personality and make a difference:

“Overall, this is the one of the BEST Dragon Simulators!! Although, I have a few ideas to make it better. 1) Landing without diving. I just can’t make it to the nest when I leave it. 2) Make it so you can customize your Dragon! Kinda boring with the same dragon… 3) Make the game not so laggy. I just can’t fly very properly… 4) Make the ads not distract us when flying. I always experience this. At least change the page into the ad instead of making it a distraction. I hope you make these updates!” (pompaii).

About the audio in Flying Fury Dragon Simulator

Unlike the image, the sound in the game is highly appreciated. This is due to the honest feeling that the sound brings. Regardless of what the dragon’s actions are, you will receive the corresponding feedback sound.
Overall, this is a suitable game for you to killing time. With the combination of graphics at the right level, the sound is appreciated and the way the publisher makes getting familiar with the game-play for new players is really easy to understand, all combined into an interesting game, worth to you try and feel. Download Flying Fury Dragon Simulator right on Play Store!

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