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Flash for Android is considered a competitor of Snapchat. Flash has the ability to make and share fun photos. The app will let you add fun face masks, draw and send disappearing messages. This app is also free to download and install at apkgalaxy.co. Download Flash APK right now and this app will definitely win your heart at the first sight.

Flash for Android – the unique photo messaging application of Facebook

If you are worried about the development of your app’s competitors, you will probably want to borrow features and try to make your own app better than the original version. And so does Facebook. Obviously, this leading technology company is competing with Snapchat when Facebook has created not just one or two but three Snapchat clones in recent years. And Flash for Android is one of those apps.

The two first Snapchat clones are Poke, Slingshot, and now Flash for Android – an interesting photo sharing application. The size of Flash APK is less than 25MB so Facebook hopes that users won’t use Snapchat anymore. In fact, Flash for Android has some better features compared to Snapchat. The first is that it does not take up much system resources and the second is the fast performance even in low-speed Internet conditions. It also comes with data saving features like loading media only after a user prompts interest in viewing it, caching media over Wifi when possible, and allowing for an offline mode where “Flashes” will be sent after connectivity is regained.

Facebook also built Flash apk for Android with a lot of fun stickers to satisfy all the needs of users. You can take the selfie right on the app with just one touch. Then, add a mask of madness and humor to your photo and immediately share to “troll” friends. In particular, users can add real-time effects. It automatically detects your face and adds emoji in the right place.

The main features of Flash for Android:

  • Share your moments with your friends, take the selfie, send videos or chat online.
  • Easily add fun face masks, draw and send messages that self-destruct.
  • Works fast and great on any Android phone.

With all of the good features above, Flash for Android is likely to beat Snapchat after its two failures in a row. If you are interested in Flash for Android, you can download for free by clicking the link below to experience it right now.


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