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Fingertouch – fingerprint sensor application on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone turns into the touch Home button. Member @ranwej on the XDA-developers forum has just shared a self-developed app that turns the fingerprint sensor on its Galaxy S7 edge into a touch-sensitive Home button, so users just touch the button. This application can work on any model Samsung Galaxy with the integrated fingerprint sensor and is installing version Android 7.0 or above.

Fingertouch Pro 1.2.9 APK download the latest version

On the Google Play Store, there are similar applications like Fingertouch, but there are no applications that enable quick activation on Quick Settings. This is a useful feature because sometimes you need to use a fingerprint sensor to unlock or initiate a payment on your app, and then temporarily disable the fingerprint security feature. Virtual home is essential.

With Fingertouch Pro, you can quickly pause or stop this app from Notifications because the app always runs when the device is in use, so there will always be a notification pop-up or a quick launch button in Quick Settings. In case you do not want to see the full-time notification, you can click on the notification, access the notification setting, and turn off it (the application still works properly).

According to author @ranwawe, Fingertouch Pro APK requires Android 7.0 and above, and after a few days of testing on the Galaxy S7 edge, the application is perfect and does not have any impact. About the battery life, the author also recommends removing the Fingertouch app from the affected app catalog when enabling battery-saving mode of the device to avoid affecting the operation of the application. This app relies on the Samsung SDK so it only works on official firmware or be customized from the official firmware.

You can download Fingertouch Pro APK under the attached link and proceed to install it.


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