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Fingerprint security is the hot trend was used by many manufacturers on their Android flagship. Safe and convenient are the most recognizable aspects of fingerprint technology. FingerSecurity Premium download is one of the best security applications compatible with this technology.

FingerSecurity Premium download APK for Android

FingerSecurity allows the user to lock the application by setting a fingerprint password on the device. Plus, you can also set up lock suspend and allow other users to be able to use it for a certain amount of time. FingerSecurity Pre also allows users to unlock multiple applications at once time. Users can also use an alternate password or PIN to unlock applications when fingerprints get the issue.

How to Install FingerSecurity Premium?

  1. Remove any previous version of this app
  2. Download the .apk file from the link given below.
  3. Install normally and open the application.
  4. Setup and enjoy!

Main features

  • Protect any application with your fingerprint
  • Widget for enabling/disabling
  • Fixed timeouts to permit a brief transition between applications
  • Discover multiple apps at people
  • Use your code that is alternate whenever your fingerprint isn’t recognized or pin-code to uncover applications
  • FingerSecurity can’t be killed or be uninstalled
  • Protect new applications
  • Instantly discover your applications in certain areas
  • Just allow certain individuals(fingerprints) to discover an application
  • Protect notices of protected applications


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