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The Fing Network Tool app for Android allows you to manage network connection on your Android devices from lookup services to change in IP address. Especially, this tool also helps you detect intruders so that you can block them or find other suitable solutions.

Fing Network Tool apk for Android

Fing Network Tools for Android can detect and find the network, scan TCP gate, test network connection speed, look up DNS, test connection to TCP and display addresses of MAC and network service provider. Moreover, users are free to change the name of the computer server and its icon. This app will send detailed reports to the administrator. One of the greatest features of this app is that it can detect intruders who are using your wifi network without your permission. Users can see a list of devices which are connected to your wifi network. So, you can find appropriate solutions to people who try to connect secretly to your wifi. They often use your wifi to play games or chatting on Facebook. Therefore, you can warn them by sending the message to them on Facebook.

Using Fing Network Tools is an easy way to detect intruders. Normally, this can affect your network connection speed. So, you should change your wifi password to prevent other people from hacking it.

The main features of Fing Network for Android:

  • Manage network connection
  • Scan network and look up services
  • Send detailed reports
  • Detect intruders



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