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Final Hunter – The wild animal hunting game on mobile with the graphics as beautiful as on PC. In Final Hunter, the players will be able to become a talented hunter facing a lot of dangerous and fierce wild animal.

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Accordingly, Final Hunter: Wild Animal Hunting will bring players back to tropical jungles in South America, Australian mountains and African grasslands to testify to their hunting ability. Therefore, the game has an abundant weapon system with 24 different types such as sniper rifles, automatic rifles, pistols… or even the famous weapons such as MR17 or PPK. In addition to weapons, there are the same heavy guns as in real life. The players can also equip themselves for hunting equipment such as off-road vehicles, motorboats, night vision equipment. There are also more types of anaesthesia bombs, coolants, automatic sighting equipment.

Before you start your game, you also have the option to purchase some exciting items such as an anaesthesia bomb, coolant, automatic shot, double reward, etc. As described above, your hunting will be in the jungle of South America, the mountains of Australia and the vast grasslands of Africa. Therefore, all wildlife species can become hunting targets such as herbivores, carnivores or flying geese.

There is one point that you should keep in mind is that fierce animals such as grizzly bears, tigers… will attack you. Therefore, you should make sure you have enough ability to defeat them before they are aware and start attacking you. In addition to normal hunting, players can participate in other attractive hunting modes such as bounty hunters, dangerous hunting…

If you do not have a 3G or wifi network, Final Hunter supports both offline and offline modes at any time and anywhere. The game is currently being released for free on the Google Play. Interested readers can download Final Hunter mod apk by the link that we provided.


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