Final Fantasy Dimensions II

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Square Enix is one of the first Japanese companies to invest through deeply in the Mobile game market. The continuous transfer of popular series such as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest from PC/Console to Android and IOS. This developer has been developing as release the games for mobiles like Mobius Final Fantasy or Star Ocean: Anamnesis, then now is Final Fantasy Dimensions II.

Final Fantasy Dimensions II APK + Data Download Latest Android

Final Fantasy Dimensions II is one of the Final Fantasy family members developed by Square Enix. After the first-ever successful release with millions of downloads on the Play Store and thousands of positive reviews, Square Enix has The English version of Final Fantasy Dimensions II, which has been released. The English version of the game was released worldwide, for the two popular IOS and Android mobile platforms.


Key features Final Fantasy Dimensions II APK for Android:

  • Interesting gameplay and familiar gameplay style.
  • The heroes are diverse, each character has its own character. In particular, team members can switch jobs for each other, learn each other’s skills.
  • A large gaming map gives gamers an endless exploration experience. Game lengths of up to 40 hours play enough to satisfy the fans.
  • The intuitive control system is simply designed and quite easy to use.
  • Good 2D graphics and sound system.

However, due to the large gaming world, in-game support systems cannot guide it all, making it a bit difficult for newcomers.

The Story follows the previous part

The story of Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 revolves around two groups of people (one led by Sol and the other Nacht). The last peoples were united to carry out the mission of saving the world from the Avalonian emperor and his army. With the ambition of dominating the entire world but dissatisfied with its current power, the Emperor began to search for crystals to become immortal and possess unlimited power.

To prevent the Emperor to dominate, the crystals use their power to separate the world into two parts – Light and Dark. You have to choose your side. However, they all have the same goal of finding clues about the Emperor’s plan as well as what they can do to prevent bad things happening.

Setup your dream team

Final Fantasy Dimensions II (Mod APK) offers more than 7 chapters. In addition, the game also features Raid for players to team up and destroy the super powerful boss with a lot of rare rewards. In addition, the game also has a massive mission system for players to take on the adventure into the fantasy world. Like many other simulation games, Final Fantasy Dimensions II introduces players to the turn-based strategy game. In comparison, the combat mechanics in the game is quite similar to Final Fantasy X.

During the battle, the player can fight with up to three characters in the formation beside the character in the support position. However, the game introduces a strong point system that allows the character to gain additional advantages in the game. With each action in the battle, the character will be increased by 20-60% of the Mana, up to 3 bars. For each use, the character can get a hit or some other advantage as you like.

Good Graphics

In terms of graphics, Final Fantasy Dimensions II for Android is built in anime style quite familiar. It is especially noteworthy that in addition to the new characters, players can also summon characters from Final Fantasy titles that have been released by Square Enix.

The map in Final Fantasy Dimensions II game is quite large, in which players can explore the jungles, travel on sailboats or explore the ancient treasure, mysterious maze containing treasures. You will also go through the wreckage destroyed by war, the tower with full of monsters. The plot of the game tight open, just created conquest challenge, just renovated so that players are not boring.

However, if you are a beginner, many people still feel a little bored because of not understand the gameplay as well as not exploring the value of the game. So, be patient and take some time to get used to. You will see the amazing when playing FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS II.



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