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Final Fantasy Awakening is the new name of the international version of Final Fantasy Type-0 on Square Enix’s PSP. First announced in 2013 in Chinese, but until now Final Fantasy Awakening has been added to the English version. Licensed by Square Enix, Efun Games is the publisher of this English version.


Efun Games is a well-known big company in the Chinese mobile market, which has launched many popular mobile games such as Dragon Oath, Monkey King, Heroes of Skyrealm, and most recently. It is the Torchlight legend on the mobile platform.

Accordingly, Final Fantasy Awakening owns a massive virtual world, built on the plot of the plot and characters with special personality. Final Fantasy Awakening mod apk still retains its own simulation style, from aerobatics to high-pressure combos to high scores.

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It can be seen, the way in the game completely go in the direction of action, and somewhat slightly in the form of hack ‘n’ slash. Players can freely move characters all over the place while fighting. It is remarkable that instead of controlling a single character, in Final Fantasy Awakening, the player will lead a group of characters who fight together.

At the same time, the player can control one character, while allies will automatically fight around that. Of course, players can quickly switch between the characters that they control in the game depending on the situation encountered.

Although a title was released in 2013, Final Fantasy Awakening is carefully created by the developers through its game interface, intuitive virtual keys, sharp 3D graphics and effects. The battlefield is incredibly alive. Flames of smoke, bombs, or other characters running around dodging and hiding, actually blow into a new height for a mobile gaming product.

The English version of Final Fantasy Awakening has officially been released for free on both iOS and Android app store. Interested readers may download FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING Mod APK file to experience here.


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