Final Contract: Legacy of War (CBT)

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In the Final Contract: Legacy of War, you will be engaged in real-time strategic battles, allowing players to arrange their troops and try their hand at large-scale battles as well. The game was developed by Unlock Game, the game was available for download on the Android and iOS platforms.

Final Contract: Legacy of War (CBT) APK (Mod/English) for Android/iOS

Final Contract: Legacy of War begins with the CG scene and cuts the scene exactly like a fanciful movie. Based on the original script with 200,000 words, you will gradually discover the myth of creativity in the world by two gods, worlds of different races, peaceful life and the balance is maintained until one day it is broken by the overexploitation of human resources. A comprehensive war takes place between the mechanical and the forerunner. And the secrets revealed will surely scare all the inhabitants of this land.

About gameplay, you will be engaged in real-time strategy battles, allowing players to align their troops and try their hand at more aggressive battles with other players. Each hero will bring in one of the four elements, which will count on each other. You will have victory if you know how to skillfully merge the warriors and set the game to make benefit yourself when fighting.

Final Contract: Legacy of War (CBT) key features:

  • Interesting fantasy story with Over 500 different tasks
  • Create your team with the best Heroes
  • The game modes: PvE, PvP … give you freedom of choice
  • Upgrade your heroes and unlock new heroes
  • Connect to social networks and share with friends

Final Contract: Legacy of War game requires the player to increase the Hero’s strength permanently. In addition to upgrading, players can also equip their hats to increase combat and defense or special effects.

The game also introduces various modes. When the player finds himself in possession of a strong army with the most upgraded heroes, join the guild or try out all sorts of PVP to train your squad further. Final Contract also brings a colorful world with powerful heroes and beautiful effects on anime-specific graphics. This game promises to be the new resumption of Unlock Game developer.

Due to the familiar beta, only players from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, or Thailand can download games directly from Google Play. But do not worry, you can access file apk replacement below to easily experience the game without any difficulty.


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