File Hide Pro-Hide Pics,Videos

Uploaded:July 18th, 2017
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File Hide Pro will hide any file (image, audio, video) or folder in just a few seconds quickly and reliably. The application also helps users disguise hidden files as a “Tip Calculator” so no one knows you are hiding something in your Android.

Main features of File Hide Pro for Android

  • Camouflage application as a Tip Calculator function.
  • Hide any file or folder (images, video, audio).
  • Hidden images and videos will disappear from your collection and media player when you hide them and only reappear when you unhide them.
  • Hide folders in a few seconds.
  • Fast and reliable.
  • The smooth intuitive interface makes it easy to hide files and folders.
  • Easily manage all hidden items and switch stealth status – no hidden.
  • Using password protection to ensure the privacy.


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