FightNight Battle Royale FPS Shooter

FightNight Battle Royale: FPS Shooter 0.5.0 apk mod

Uploaded:April 3rd, 2019
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Describe FightNight Battle Royale: FPS Mod shooting game:

Fightnight Battle Royale FPS Shooter 3
FightNight Battle Royale: fight to survive in the death zone!

PvP shooting game against exciting survival! Drop parachutes from helicopters, find things and start fighting! Waiting is not a good way: the battlefield will constantly come close to your heels. Therefore, get weapons and start firing!

Battle Royale feature:

Fightnight Battle Royale FPS Shooter 3

Game mode
3 separate modes: teams, singles and zombies. Try playing it all!

Diverse characters
A lot of costumes for heroes, including Assassins, Number 1 Player, Chicken and many other costumes! Choose a target and attack!

Optimized for weak phone models

Fightnight Battle Royale FPS Shooter 3
Whether you own an old or weak phone, you can still play! The game has adjustable graphics settings that are suitable for …

Installation Instructions:
+ Remove the Original.
+ Download & Install Mod version


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