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Feelm Soda for Android is an image filter application with a main blue tone, expressing a fresh, crisp, clear image. Feelm Soda supports Android 4.1 and above. It costs only $0.88 on Google Play Store, but you guy can download and install this app easily at apkgalaxy.co.

Feelm Soda – Analog Filters APK download latest (Paid)

Today, as the trend of selfie photo has become “indispensable” for many people. It has become a potential market for programmers to continually develop and produce a photo supporting the application. It’s easy to find such an application on the Android app store from legendary names such as Camera360, Beauty Plus, B612 to the current famous photo filters like Palette Summer, Palette Nara, Pictail BlueHawaii …

If you are looking for such an application, please join us for Feelm Soda app for Android. Feelm Soda is the second in a series of film filters produced by Studio Flat, a South Korean programming company. It provides an effect store with the shimmering effect that any selfie follower needs.

Feelm Soda’s new Android update 10 different color filters, improves editing features, mint green, and clearer image quality. Feel free to use Feelm Soda for Android if you want to have wonderful selfie photo, sea seeing or any of the glorious landscapes of summer. Whether you’re a romantic, a delicacy or want something different, Feelm Soda’s quality filter for Android always is always the best choice.

The highlights of Feelm Soda for Android

  • 10 different color filters
  • Powerful filter customization
  • Abundant image editing tools, including image filter, brightness, contrast, sharpness, highlights, shadows, saturation

Generally, Feelm Soda APK app is a cool photo filter for those who love the blue color of the sky and the sea. Although there are only 10 filters, users can adjust its level in real time that you can create different colors. Just take a picture, then move to the photo editing tools and change everything as you like until the perfect. Just spend $0.88, you can own the photo filter Feelm Soda for your Android.


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