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Feelm classic for Android is the fourth photo filter application in Studio Flat’s Feelm series. Feelm Natura gives users the basic photo filters that help you make the difference.

Tutorial feelm classic and FEELM CLASSIC

Feelm Classic 1.0.24 APK download latest for Android (Paid)

At present, when selfie is one of the most used features on mobile devices, it has become an opportunity and a condition for developers to continue to evolve and release the relative app. Mobile photo editing applications, and in a nutshell, these applications are becoming more and more stable to ensure the best user experience. You can easily find a photo-editing application on the Google Play Store with simple search terms like “camera apps”, from well-known names such as Camera360, Beauty Plus, Camera B612. Feelm is one of the most impressive photo filter series today that you can use to edit or create a nice photo or share it with your friends. Like other photo editing applications, Feelm is also a photo editing application like Analog or Palette, Pictail. Feelm added the very beautiful color tone. You can download for free at the link below. Feelm Classic Analog Filter APK for Android is the fourth application in the series of film filters produced by Studio Flat, a Korean company. This application provides a lot of quality photo filters and allows users to easily use them to make the photo perfect.

Feelm Classic’s new update to Android has added 10 different color filters, improved editing, mint green and clearer image quality. Feel free to use Feelm Classic for Android if you want to take a wonderful selfie-photos, sea views or any of the glorious landscapes of summer. Whether you’re a romantic, a delicacy or just want something different, Feelm Soda’s quality filter for Android always has what you need.

Feelm Classic is also very simple. To start using, you first need to download Feelm Classic apk that we provide below and install it normally. To create a photo to start editing you have 2 options, choose a photo available from the gallery or capture directly from the camera phone with a circular icon in the center of the application screen. Then you can capture first proceed to edit your photo. Similar to other applications and features, users simply touch the desired filter to apply it to the image, adjust the brightness level or darkness by moving the small circle on the filter scale below the image left or right. In general, the operation is very easy to implement and first-time users use the application can do.

Of course, after completing the editing, you can save the image to a memory card or share it directly to social networks like Facebook, Instagram, or send it via email, all with one simple operation.

Key features of the application:

  • More than 5 different photo filters applying
  • Users can adjust the level of the filter
  • Comprehensive photo editing tools, including Image filters, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Highlights, Shadows, Saturation, …


If you have ever loved the Feelm image filters application, then surely you can not miss the Feelm Class for Android. It is a paid application on the market, but you can download and install it completely free of charge by the link below that we provide.


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