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Join Father.io, who transforms into a fighter to engage in first-person shooter battles in the park or in your home. It’s been a year since Pokemon GO bringing the virtual reality game, you should hear the name Father.IO. This is a shooter game on mobile also uses AR technology. When participating in a battle of Father.IO, you are a warrior and your enemy is also a real person in real life. After a period of developing, Proxy42 Inc. has announced the official launch for both iOS and Android platforms.

Download Father.IO AR FPS APK for Android

With Father.IO, players can engage in real-world combat with their smartphone. After installing the game, the camera of the phone will film, take pictures to simulate the battlefield and use the virtual keyboard to fire and manipulate special actions to load the bullet. This gives gamers an immersive and fun experience with their friends or other players.
Based on AR technology, camera phone, and Inceptor laser scanner, you will decide who are your teammates, attacker or assistant. You can freely hide, swipe apart in real life to knock down the enemy. Of course, this should be in parks, but in other public places, it would seem a bit dangerous. The first version of the game will bring many different forms of competition from solo to group play. In addition, many different game modes are built similar to the other popular FPS products on the market such as flag robberies or hit points to kill certain enemies.
With Father.IO, you can participate in a match of up to 16vs16 or can be played freely with 32 participants. The game has four classes: Ammo crate, Medikit, EMP, and Claymore. Each player can choose from four types of weapons: assault rifle, sniper rifle, SMG submachine gun or pistol.
Currently, Father.IO has officially allowed players to download on Google Play and AppStore.

How to play Father.io?

However, nowadays there are only two forms of playing PvP and a mini-game called Headshot. We can use the face detection camera, open the game into the minigame mode to point the gun at someone and shoot someone to see the point. The new PvP feature is the pinnacle of Father.IO AR FPS.  But at the moment, this is very difficult. In order to play PvP, you have to equip the Inceptor and at least one other person near you also install Father.IO and also Inceptor.
In order to play the game in PVP mode, you will need support equipment purchased with real money, a device that costs $ 39 not including shipping costs. Totally, it will cost you $ 55 to own the Father.IO PvP. It is not sure if you can play it when it still needs more people around you to buy this device to play together.


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