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Farm Heroes Saga – Farm game with a very interesting match-3 style game has officially returned. In this update, Farm Heroes Saga has added new episodes as well as more levels than before.

Farm Heroes Saga Mod APK (Live/Booster) latest

Farm Heroes Saga Mod for Android is a game in the King’s popular series of 3 similar titles including Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga … In Farm Heroes Saga for Android, the mission of the player is to transfer and march of farm products according to the requirement. Join the Farm Hero Saga to stop Rancid the Raccoon from damaging the farm and crops.

In particular, you have to move each cell and match at least 3 agricultural products of the same type to remove Rancid from the game. This colorful and fun adventure is covered by delicious fruits and vegetables, which attracts the player from the beginning to the end of the game.

Farm Heroes Saga Mod is a free game but some items in the game, as well as additional moves or networks, are sold through in-game purchase options. Players can disable this feature by canceling the purchase option in the system settings.

Key features of Farm Heroes Saga Mod for Android

  • Collect all the farm products to win each level before your move runs out.
  • Fun and simple game, but challenging.
  • Discover the unique levels to complete and collect as many magic beans, helping you pass challenging levels.
  • Compete with your friends to get the highest score and see who will be the one.
  • Use power-ups, extra moves, and equipment to get through difficult levels.
  • In the game, Farm Heroes Saga mod money, immersed in hundreds of levels with delicious strawberries, rich carrot and help farm heroes rescue the crops!

How to eat flowers in Farm Heroes Saga:

In some levels, players will be asked to collect certain flowers. These flowers appear on the Farm Heroes Saga screen in the form of buds, players must connect the flowers around to help the flowers blooming to pick the flowers (usually at least three times). In addition, players can also use booster shovel to help the flowers bloom immediately.

Collect chicks in Farm Heroes Saga:

One of the quest to pass the door in the Farm Heroes Saga, there is a requirement that players have to acquire a certain number of chicks. To accomplish this mission, you have to change the position of the three horizontal/vertical rows to make chicken. In addition, players can also use booster shovels or beat eggs to get chicks immediately.

How to break the ice in Farm Heroes Saga:

Some flowers, chickens, and flowers in Farm Heroes Saga are frozen, so players need to swap positions to match items in the ice to break the ice. In addition, you can also use booster shovel to beat the tape.

Effective use of grass:

On the Farm Heroes Saga screen, you will see some green grass plots. When changing rooms and eating crops within this slot, players will be awarded bonus points. Also, if the dirty flowers fall into these cells, they will return to their normal status.

Use a bucket of water in Farm Heroes Saga:

When swapping and eating crops around a bucket of water, this bucket of water will fill up. After about three times, the bucket will overflow and blow the water around. Players can use that water as the requirement. 

Watch out of the muddy fruits:

They are muddy fruits. If you align this category with other crops of the same colour or they will stain on all the remaining fruits and you will not score any points for that move. In order to handle these situations, the player can switch positions so that the flushed products into the grass plots to return to normal status.

Collect crocodiles in Farm Heroes Saga:

The process of collecting crocodiles is similar to collecting chicks, which are much more complex. First, put three crocodile eggs in the nest to get regular eggs. Arrange 3 eggs normally to get a cracked shell. Then, place three cracked casing to get a crocodile hatched. And finally, put three hatched fruit to get a baby crocodile.

Players can use booster shovels and egg shakers to assist.

How to prevent carrot form stealing:

When you reach to highs levels in the Farm Heroes Saga, the player will be bitten by a thief. In order to stop them from carrots, as soon as the rabbit has appeared, you have to make a fringe to temporarily freeze the rabbit. Continue to freeze them until they pass through the door.

Avoid the purple mud:

In the Farm Heroes Saga Mod APK screen, there will sometimes appear purple mud, any products fall into the muddy area, they will be dirty. Be careful if you do not want to waste your move.

Use seeds:

If the seeds are watered, they will grow into the grass, used to give players bonus points.

Use chicken in Farm Heroes Saga:

When the flowers are next to the chicken, they will lay their eggs and jump to the new place. If lucky, the chickens will give birth to a cracked egg, helping to complete the goal of creating chicks in Farm Heroes Saga. In addition, players can also use the shovel to move and catch the hens.

Handle bombs in Farm Heroes Saga:

In some tables in this game, it will appear bombs, you should note the following details. Each time player performs a move, the time counter on the bomb will decrease. When the bomb number is zero, the bomb will explode and the number of flowers you collect will be reduced to a few. To handle bombs, players need to match them with fruits of the same color.

How to collect spiders:

To move the spider, you need to connect the flowers around and next to them. However, before that, you need to break down the spider nest by linking it to the fruit of the same color. If you break all the spider nests on the screen, the spider will have no room left and will be collected. Players can use booster shovels or shovels to clear the spider nest.

Use magic bean:

After each game levels, depending on the number of stars won, you will be awarded the corresponding god number. This bean can be used in the fight against the Rancid.

Avoid Snow Patch:

Any flowers that fall into the snowball will turn into a snow ball. Connect the flowers around the snowball to smash and release the flowers inside.

Note: You can refer to the updated version of Farm Heroes Saga mod completely new game called Farm Heroes Super Saga at


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