Facetune2: Best Selfie Editing

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Facetune2: Best Selfie Editing

Facetune2 is an easy to use photo editor that helps you retouch your selfies and acts as your own personal makeover studio. Get that natural beauty look in seconds and share it with your followers.

The next generation upgrade of the award-winning Facetune photo editor app provides a new collection of retouching filters and amazing image correction features. Get ready to win new followers and get more likes with your photos!

Facetune 2, has taken mobile portrait retouching to a new level by incorporating sophisticated intelligence. Plus, it has added some very useful new tools and even the ability to alter your portrait in the camera’s preview before you snap the picture. But just as important is the greater control provided by the simple (and necessary) addition of sliders to increase or decrease the intensity of some of the effects.

Facetune2 Facetune2

Upgrade your social game with Facetune2’s top-of-the-art selfie enhancer now!

Powerful Tools for Selfie and Photo Editing
– Retouch your selfies, choose from dozens of free filters, blur your background and touch up your features using amazing photo editing tools
– Glam yourself up and use vibrant glowing filters to upgrade every photo for a fashionable look
– Easy Compare tool to compare before & after
– Get impeccable results with professional-looking photos
– Edit your selfie in real-time right after you snap it

Amazing Makeover Tools and Image Correction Features
– A wide range of high-quality beauty filters for unique editing and sense of style
– Use makeup brushes to retouch your features
– Use Reshape to re-adjust or tweak your selfie
– Tap to crop, blur, and fine-tune your photos for a beautiful look
– Enjoy amazing editing tools like colorful light effects
– Use Details to accentuate features you like. Brighten your eyes and make them sparkle

Remove Zits, Pimples & Blemishes
– Get rid of zits, pimples and blemishes within seconds
– In a few taps, our advanced tools will remove any pores, blemishes or pimples and will
soften your skin

Smooth Out Your Skin
– Use Smooth to airbrush your skin to get a softer look
– Edit, retouch and refine any part of your skin to make it look naturally soft in every photo
– Blot away the shine from oily skin

Facetune2, the selfie enhancing app, gets every photo 100% glam and ready to make everyone stop scrolling. Step up your social game and share your selfies.


Facetune 2 is pricey, especially when you consider the Healing Brush (which is a necessity for any portrait retouching) is available only in the paid version. But it is also a brilliant piece of software tailor-made for photographers who want or need to literally put their best face forward.

If you’re a serious photographer who wants a superb editing experience for any kind of photo, you’re better off with Snapseed, which has fewer portrait-retouching tools, but many more features overall than Facetune. And, Snapseed is free. However, if you want the best app for portrait retouching, Facetune 2 is unbeatable.

Share the enhanced photos with your followers and stay on top of the latest beauty trends!


Link download: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/facetune2-best-selfie-editing/id1149994032

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